Waterproof Face+Body Makeup

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This is oil free, flawless, weightless, cream-to-matte FULL COVERAGE makeup for performers, for non stoppers, for runners, for swimmers, for dancers, for divas, for opera singers, for moms, for dads that want to hide a bad skin day, and really doesn't want anyone to know about it, for gymnasts, for strippers, for models, for actors, for anyone that is active, doesn't want to break out, and wants to look absolutely flawless. This is THE PERFECT WATERPROOF MAKEUP.

If you have really oily skin, and are looking for smooth, flawless, non greasy makeup that lasts, this is for you. If you have dry skin, but are looking for smooth, flawless makeup that is ultra long lasting with more a of a matte finish, this is for you, but it is recommended to always use a moisturizer before applying.

A little bit goes a long, long way, and it lasts all day. To remove, simply use a bit of my foaming 3 in one Fresh Cleanser. Right now this is in very high demand, so if you order, be prepared to wait about 10 days to get your order. We have already pre-sold over 50 in 24 hours.

There is no need for primer with this product, as primer is BUILT IN, and also acts as the best sun protection ever.

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