Totally Baked Highlighter

$42.00 USD

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These highlighters put the high in highlighter. Seriously, they DO! When you want that gorgeous, silky finish to your makeup, and you want all-natural ingredients that do not cause breakouts, PLUS you want major pigmented payoff, this is where you need to come: to the land of the Totally Baked! This color is a gold shimmer that is so sexy, that anyone can wear it. I recommend it on medium tone skin tones for cheeks, lips, eyes, and body. These pack a lot of punch, a lot of pigment, and the color payoff lasts for hours! Not to mention, they are 100% totally natural. The totally Baked Collection is truly without compare, and out of this world.


Beach Bunny is a truly wearable Deep Bronze Shimmer Highlighter with so many uses.

Bond Girl is a truly wearable Gold Shimmer Highlighter with so many uses.

Playmate  is a truly wearable champagne pink Shimmer Highlighter with so many uses.