The Cheeky Multiple Tint

$24.00 USD

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The Cheeky Multiple Tint is a Multi-tasking Ruby Gem of Long Lasting Sheer Cream Blush and Lip Genius.

Want a perfect sheer cream blush that also looks stunning on lips?
Do you love cream blush, but do you not love how they seem to disappear after just a few hours?
Do you love putting on your makeup Ricky Bobby fast?

Then you will absolutely fall in love with the Cheeky Multiple Tint in original Ruby. This color looks incredible on all skin tones. The Cheeky is back after loyal clients begged and begged me to bring it back.

I still wonder why I stopped carrying it....

Because it is absolutely an essential makeup staple for any makeup artist's kit or for anyone who just loves makeup.

This product was tested on thousands of women of all ages, all skin tones, and I have to say: there is not one person that it did not work well on. Not one.

Use it as a subtle lip stain under some gloss, or apply to apples of cheeks and get your rouge on.