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Mermaid Ring #8 11 Carat Massive Cyan Moissanite in 14kt White Gold Band

These absolutely stunning "Mermaid Rings" are like nothing you can find anywhere on the internet
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Product Description

These absolutely stunning "Mermaid Rings" are like nothing you can find anywhere on the internet. I have done my due diligence trying to find anything to compare them to, as the stone is actually a Cyan colored Moissanite, which is a lab created stone.


The only place I have found online that has anything similar is called BrilliantEarth, and even they do not have any 10 carat cyan Moissanites to compare to. They have 2-3 carat moissanite rings in 18k carat gold that go for over $2500.00 in many cases, so it is very difficult to price something that is so original like these.

Also I have looked on Etsy, and do not be fooled by their crazy pricing on what seems to be real stones, as what most every Etsy page is selling is not a real gem. You will see in the comments how clients took them to be valuated only to see that they were fake. however many of the clients are keeping them because they paid so little for the fake stone, and the business they are working will not accept refunds, but to me it is very much false advertisement, and I don't know how they are getting away with this. 

Right now, there are many lab created stones that are making a big splash on Instagram, as they have far more brilliance than diamonds, they cost so much less, they are actually harder than diamonds, so they never lose color, and last forever. Best of all, Moissanites are environmentally friendly/ethically sourced, and moissanites actually have resell value higher than lab created diamonds. 

Mermaid Ring #8 is A Massive Cyan Blue Moissanite (lab created) that is set in 18kt yellow gold with a twisted yellow gold band. Since these stones are very large, very much in demand, and this is priced to sell at $750.00. These are priced to sell, as we are using the funds to purchase manufacturing equipment for our new products. Treat yourself, or put it on Santa Claus's list, so that you get exactly what you NEED this year! 



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