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Best Face Forward Starter Kit.

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Now is the time to Get Your Best Face Forward Starter Kit.

Includes Time Freeze Max, Moisturizer, Foundation, Foundation Brush + Bonus Gift.

This is the ideal starter kit for anyone that is looking for younger-looking, smooth skin. Maybe you are fighting signs of aging, like crows feet, deep tissue lines/wrinkles, or you are wanting to prevent signs, then this is your ideal starter kit.

This kit includes almost $300.00 worth of product for only $149.00

You save $100.00 when you purchase these products together in a bundle.


Best Face Forward Starter Kit Includes:

1) The Time Freeze Max

This Patented Line Plumper, Collagen Booster, Deep Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum is one of our all-time best sellers simply because is so very effective. Apply all over the face in a thin layer and around the eye area before moisturizing cream am and pm for best results.

Retail Value: $68.00


2) Choose Moisturizer

Choose Either the Luminosity Cream Moisturizer ( for super sensitive, dry, dehydrated, aging skin) promotes hydration and smooth texture, depuffs under eyes. contains the soothing scent of cucumber extract and citrus
Retail value $78.00


Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer with Retinol ( for normal/combination/acne-prone skin) Promotes firm skin, smooth skin, keeps skin clear from breakouts, creates younger-looking skin via cellular turnover. Has a fresh scent of natural orange flower neroli Retail Value $68.00

Or 2 Cooling Serums


3) Choose Either the 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation

Our All-Time Best Seller, the 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation acts as foundation, concealer, a dewy powder finish, is the BEST NATURAL SUNBLOCK EVER with titanium dioxide, is water-resistant, and lasts 12-14 hours. Oil-free coverage that never, ever breaks you out, and has natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that will immediately eradicate redness.
Choose your foundation color from the dropdown list.

If you do not know your foundation color or need a foundation match, simply message Jennifer at www.facebook.com/jenniferbradleyco or contact us to get match guaranteed.

Retail value: $53.00

If you would prefer to not get the foundation,
OR Get 2 of our 3 in One Fresh Cleanser
OR Get a Lash and Brow Serum
OR Oxygen Plasma Mask


Last, but Not Least, Choose between Your Choice of Bonus 

You can choose from:

Resurface Gel.


All-Natural Treatment for hyper-pigmentation, to get rid of acne scarring/spots, spot treatment for acne, and natural exfoliator.
Retail Value $68.00


Oxygen Plasma Mask  Deeply Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Mask for overnight plump "baby skin" Get beautiful skin overnight. Clarifies skin, hydrates, rejuvenates
Retail value $68.00


Best Brightener, our Brightening Serum for dry skin
Retail value $58


Get this Entire Set worth about $300.00 for only $149.00 for a limited time.

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