Best Brightening Kit

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Erase the Signs of Sun Damage & Reverse Signs of Aging Overnight on Neck, Chest & Decollete Safely & Effectively with the Best Brightening Kit. 


In the past few years, I have really started to notice, become aware of all the sun damage on my neck and chest area. The skin on my neck was getting thin, crepey, and my chest was covered in spots. This has been a problem area for me for years. For me, my neck and chest especially were becoming a dead giveaway of my age, but what to do about this? I wanted to create a solution that did not require any downtime, and that was not expensive. Something that really worked. 

A few weeks ago, I started to focus on this area, and wanted to really pay more attention to it, and wanted to eliminate the brown spots/the blotchiness, and also smooth out the lines. In just a few weeks, my problem area is now no longer a problem at all. The change in my skin is absolutely remarkable. People who watch my live videos can literally see the difference in just a few weeks of use. The difference is night and day. This has made me so excited to share with everyone, because I simply cannot believe the results would happen so quickly. 

What I have found to be highly, highly effective for battling the discoloration as well as the lack of hydration issue is to


1.) Apply Time Freeze Max all over my face (under eyes, all over forehead, on neck and down chest) 


2.) Follow this by the Best Brightener. I apply Best Brightener all over face, neck and chest, avoiding the immediate eye area. What happened in the next few weeks really was shocking. My chest, where I had applied this treatment is now almost entirely free of spots, my neck is smooth and tighter looking (turkey neck is no longer there). My chest was covered in spots all over my front and they matched my shoulders. This is a night and day difference from only two weeks before. 


That is why I am so excited to present this kit to you, and give more people a truly remarkably effective treatment system that will give them great results without having to resort to costly laser treatments or chemical peels. 


I want to also remind you that if you are using a product like this to fade away sun damage, fight the signs of aging, you MUST start covering up this area to prevent from getting more spots/lines/wrinkles. Start treating the neck area and chest just as we do our faces, and this will do so much for keeping skin looking younger and smoother. The reason why I had so much sun damage on my chest in the first place was from one trip to Cancun in my 20's where my skin was just permanently damaged. Now, that damage does not look so permanent. 

But the smile on my face right now just might be. :) 


Happy Best Brightening, y'all!


Peace, Love, Lip-gloss, 


Jennifer Bradley 

(you're welcome) 


Best Brightening Kit Includes a Time Freeze Max, retail value $58.00

Best Brightener, retail value $58.00 

Large Pink Makeup Bag, retail value $22.00 


$138.00 retail value for only $89.99 


This kit should last about 2 months when used daily.