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4.55 Peridot with Ludwigite inclusions

$100.00 USD

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Stunning 4.55 carat Emerald Cut Peridot with Ludwigite inclusions great clarity and luster. Unheated/Untreated 

Perhaps one of the most beautiful & mysterious Peridot Gemstones come from the Suppat, Manshera, Kohistan-Pakistan- Northwest Frontier Province. This area is located around 11,000 feet in the Himalayas and produces Peridot that has high saturation of colour, brilliant lustre, high clarity and often Ludwigite inclusions.

Mined in the Suppatt Region in Pakistan at a height above 11,000 feet these Peridots are a fine example of quest of Man to get a Gemstone- a real Gemstone that delights and surprises.

Located in the highlands above the Indus River Valley it takes a 7-8 hour horseback ride before embarking on a strenuous and a dangerous trip that lasts 2-3 days before reaching the mining area-a region whose beauty no words can describe. Peridot with Inclusions price varies on its clarity and quality of color, ranging from 40-60 per ct.