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Spessartine Red Garnet in Rose Gold Mounting

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Simply stunning approximately 3.5 carat Red Spessartine Garnet set on 14kt yellow gold. Ring is size 7, yet we can have the ring sized to fit.The energies of Spessartine vibrate at a high rate, imparting a willingness to help others and strengthening the heart. This is a unique Spessartine Red Garnet from Mozambique has a simply mesmerizing deep red color. 

A member of the garnet family, Mozambique garnet is famous for its breathtaking warm, deep red, ruby-like hues that rivals the glamorous ruby. While this garnet variety was originally discovered in Mozambique, a garnet necklace was unearthed in a grave dating back to 3000 BCE, emphasizing this gemstone's use in adornment for over 5,000 years!

A symbol of purity, truth, love and compassion, Mozambique garnet is a great choice for those who want to own a timeless beauty that will last for years to come.

Setting: 13x9 double shank rose gold (approx 3.5 carats)

Gem quality: Natural, Excellent

Gem cut: Teardrop

Location: Mozambique