Affiliates/Distributors/50% off Club

Our Affiliate Program is starting very very soon. Affiliates will be hand selected, and will have to go through a vetting process, as well as will have to use the program that we are using to track all affiliates and agree to terms and conditions.

As soon as we are up and running with the Affiliate network, there will be an announcement, and that should be happening any day now. Affiliates will be able to market select products, and will be given specific instructions on how to market them, as well as a coupon code to give to clients so that you can share with your followers to get 15% off. You will not have to carry any inventory, and not be forced to make a certain amount of sales per month to stay on as an afiliate.


As for the Jennifer Bradley's Membership Distributor Program. How does it work? All you have to do is join our monthly recurring $49.99 membership program, which has become wildly popular..... there is a a waiting list, as we only allow one distributor per zip code,  but as as soon as you pay for the $49.99 membership, please message our team at to set up an appointment to speak with Jennifer Bradley about how everything works, and see if this is a position that will be suitable for you. 

For our goal-getters that gather a crowd, I am more than happy to do a live just for your group or travel to your location to really launch your Jennifer Bradley Distributorship and launch it to the moon! These events can be customized to sell to your clients at your Jennifer Bradley events, as long as there are enough clients there, I will be be there for you! You will be allowed to sell our products to others, on the spot, learn how to match foundation, give your clients the perfect regimen for their skin, and so much more, however this is but there are a few stipulations: you may never sell our products on third party sites such as Etsy, Ebay, Poshmark or Amazon. You also may not try to sell your products to our customers in our private groups directly. If you need help marketing products, please reach out to us, because we will be more than happy to help you. 

We pride ourselves one exclusivity, and by keeping that exclusivity, we elevate our brand and stay #JBStrong!

If we find that anyone is selling our line on these sites, your membership will be terminated with no refund. This is a very generous offer, so please appreciate that we are doing all we can to give you the very best deals, keep our exclusivity, stay #JB Strong for all of our #JBFamily and also and  give you the opportunity to do what you love: to get the training from an industry leader/cosmetic developer for over 25 years,  being to get the very best skincare and makeup at  50% for YOURSELF and getting the extraordinarily opportunity to get to change your clients with a product that you cannot find in stores, on Amazon or anywhere else. the very best prices. We will be sending you plenty of swag to give away to your clients to entice them to buy, which honestly works so much better that discounting at the end of the day. Everyone loves freebies, or Buy one, Get one....You can cancel at anytime by logging into your account and pressing cancel on the recurring charge button. Happy Shopping & Even more happy happy selling!