About JB

Jennifer Bradley, celebrity makeup artist, former television actress, singer, and model

Jennifer Bradley is a former television actress, singer, and model. Her experiences in front of the camera, her work with celebrities as a makeup artist and her personal struggles with skin issues led her to create a more holistically formulated skin care line paired with professional grade cosmetics developed for sensitive skin and all ages. Her line has an emphasis on prevention as even the makeup has reef safe, human safe natural physical barrier block sun protection. 

Read more about Jennifer below in her own words.

Hello, Wonderful Person! 

I am Jennifer Bradley, thank you for taking the time to read the story behind the brand in my namesake.

Everything that you are about to read sounds so glamorous, and exciting, and I often still want to pinch myself when I read what I just wrote about just some of what I have been able to achieve in the past 19 years of being an entrepreneur. You have to understand that I grew up in abject poverty, was the eldest of seven kids, was homeless during my senior year of high school, then after graduation, I took off to be an actress in Los Angeles  with nothing but a backpack and some dreams. I am a prime example of the "If you can dream it, you can do it," mindset. No one handed me these opportunities, I just worked hard to make them happen. To put it shortly, I took adversities/challenges made them into solutions and a business that has not only helped me but has helped so many others, which is far more rewarding than anything else I have ever experienced.

It humbles me greatly to be able to say this: my line, to date, has helped over a hundred thousand clients from all over the world online.  I'm a makeup artist & cosmetic/skincare engineer that has worked with some famous faces, including Michelle Obama, Pamela Anderson, and Sharon Osbourne. I have only been using the products that I began creating ages ago out of necessity for myself when working with celebrities, or doing editorials for magazines or spots for television appearances. My products have been featured on television shows, in national magazines, such as People Magazine, Us Weekly, Latina Magazine, and many others. My Best Custom Compacts  have been used by 40 leading artists from a major brand's artist team at Mercedez Benz fashion week. I was also a regular contributor on the nationally syndicated Daytime TV Show, and was recently written up in Forbes as one of the top 10 companies to watch in 2021. ( I still cannot believe this one!) To see some of me in the press go here 

My desire to create better product came from personal issues with acne and sensitivities to perfumes/heavy stage makeup.  It all started when my skin started to break out with rashes and chronic cystic acne at the age of 18. I was constantly working in local theatre productions, as well as singing in a band that had headlined at one of the most legendary clubs in Houston at the time, so having such horrific acne at such a pivotal time in my life was scarring me on the inside as well as on the outside.  It was really embarrassing for me, and I was desperate to find a solution to my issues.

My step mother worked for all the top cosmetic lines, so she would often send me anything that she thought could help me. I also spent every last dollar I had saved up to go to the dermatologist's office, and that wasn't exactly making it better, either. My skin would clear up, then dry up, then crack, then turn red, and I was scarring on both sides of my face. It was a nightmare.

What was worse, was when I started to actually get jobs in Los Angeles working on commercials or TV shows, the makeup artists on set could never match my skin tone. Even worse, their brushes were rarely ever clean! Ewww....The makeup that was used on me would cover OK, but then I would have a major breakout a few days later, and want to not leave the house for a week.

This is a common problem. I hear from women every day that have a difficult time finding foundation colors that match or products that will not break them out. It seems almost impossible! That is why I began making my own products. By using process of elimination, investigating ingredients, and sourcing only the very best materials, I came up with some solutions that helped clear up my acne, eliminated the constant redness/irritation, and also covered/concealed without looking as though I was wearing any makeup at all.


I don't suffer from acne anymore, now that I am 46. Like everyone else, I want to have smooth, flawless skin that looks effortless. My focus has always been on having great skin and wearing LESS MAKEUP. I say this constantly: Your skin should be the star of the show. When you walk into the room wearing a signature JB look, people will complement you on how beautiful your skin looks, not how great your makeup looks. This is all about YOU looking your BEST.

Most people find out about Jennifer Bradley Medically Formulated Skincare and Professional Cosmetics from watching my videos on facebook or from taking one of my makeup classes I used to teach years ago. I really want to teach women about skincare. My goal is for women to have a system that works for them, not a drawer full of brushes that they have no idea how to use.

Working as a stage actor and also as an actor in front of the camera has given me a different perspective on makeup technique. My whole goal is to simplify those advanced makeup techniques and break them down, make them accessible to everyone. I want women to know how to do makeup quickly and effortlessly, and not use 4 different eye shadows and 50 products to create a flawless face. This is makeup! It should be done in less than 15 minutes TOPS. With or without lashes!

Today, I am most proud that I am developing skincare, cosmetic, and hair care products with some of the most sought after chemists and plastic surgeons in the world that are making such an impact in my clients lives in such a positive way. The biggest complement I get on a daily basis is, "Jennifer, I wish I would I would have found you sooner. These products are truly life-changing! I tell everyone I know about you!"

If you have any more questions for me, ask me here.

Wishing you peace, love, and lipgloss