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Jennifer Bradley Tote Bag + Safe in Seconds Hand Sanitizer+JB Face Mask

$25.00 USD

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Durable black canvas washable, eco-friendly tote bag exclusively from JB. I love these bags! I use them every single day to carry my computer, chargers, books, I use them when I go shopping. I cannot stand plastic bags and think they just create more waste, so I always carry mine wherever I go. The lightweight cotton, washable fabric is super durable, and you would not believe how much you can carry in these bags without being a massive burden on shoulders, etc. Love, love, love our tote bags. 

Also includes our exclusive "Safe in Seconds" hand Sanitizer that contains ingredients that not only sanitizes your skin instantly but has ingredients to retain skin moisture. No heavy alcohol smell, no extreme dryness, plus contains a soothing natural smell made from botanical ingredients vs. others with irritating synthetic fragrances. Everyone who tries this hand sanitizer absolutely loves it, including me. I have honestly never been a huge fan of hand sanitizers, but this one is the bee's knees. 

We are also including in this bag one of our new JB Face Masks. These are super-thin T-Shirt material, NOT FOR MEDICAL USE.  


Contents: 1 Tote, 1 hand sanitizer, and 1 mask


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