When it comes to searching for skincare online, Jennifer Bradley is extremely proud to offer a host of skincare products that are both safe and effective at helping you achieve healthy skin and a flawless look that you're proud to flaunt.

Our cruelty-free skincare line can help with several common skin problems, and it's a medically formulated with only the best materials possible. This dedication to quality helps ensure that our skincare products enhance your skin's health and reduce the appearance of breakouts.

If you want younger and more radiant skin, we have skincare products to support this goal. It can give your skin's overall health a boost while giving you that natural glow that enhances your natural features.

Maybe you have dry, sensitive, or a combination skin type. Perhaps you have an acne problem that just won't clear up no matter what you try. We have skincare products for that as well! We formulate them to nourish your skin and help to strip the excess oils away while clearing out your pores.

We also offer a host of cleansing products that work to unclog your pores, rehydrate your skin and resurface the top layer of your skin to help fade any acne scarring, blemishes or hyperpigmentation you may have to give you an even and flawless skin tone.

We didn't forget the man in your life either! Our line of cruelty-free skincare for men features everything they need to cleanse their skin, look younger and rehydrate their tired skin to bring back that vibrant look and feel.

Do you want to know more about our cruelty-free skincare line? Maybe you'd like to browse our list of products, or you have questions. If so, reach out and contact us today!



Is Jennifer Bradley cruelty-free?

Our skincare line is 100% cruelty-free. We do not test on any animals, nor do we use animal products. Our cruelty-free skincare line is designed to be one of the most ethical, responsible but also, effective skincare ranges available.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, our skincare products have not been tested on animals. This comes from owner Jennifer Bradley’s mission of wanting to provide the best cruelty-free skincare products that are not only animal-friendly but also, effective in treating crucial skin conditions.

Is Jennifer Bradley skincare line vegan?

Jennifer Bradley’s range of cruelty-free skincare products do not contain animal products and we don’t intend to use them. Animals are our friend and we’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes to create great medical-grade skincare products that are rejuvenating and refreshing without the need for our animal friends!

How long will my vegan brushes take to arrive?

The benefits of cruelty-free skincare are truly ten-fold!

Not only do they not harm our animal friends, but they’re also less toxic to the environment and perhaps most importantly, to our skin. There’s really no need to test anything on animals when there are over 7000 cosmetic ingredients already proven to be safe. Testing on animals occurs when there’s interest in the creation of new products and ingredients – and that’s just not on.

Thousands of cruelty-free skincare products now exist in the market and we encourage our customers to explore the full range of our collection online today and enjoy the peace of mind knowing our products are completely safe.

Jennifer Bradley’s range of cruelty-free skincare care products uses as many natural and proven-safe synthetic products as is possible. That means we eliminate all the dangerous ingredients like parabens, sulphates and synthetic dyes that can cause breakouts, allergies and inflammation on your skin.

With these ethically sourced natural ingredients, this also means that our cruelty-free skincare line is well suited to all skin types. Whether you have sensitive skin, dry, combination or anything in between, you’re sure to find something that will work for you with our collection.

And last, but not least, you’ll be supporting local business by purchasing our cruelty-free skincare products. Most conventional skincare products come from large corporations with billions of dollars and global reach. Local stores like us that work predominantly online are more dedicated and motivated to help our customers, driving the best skincare products available to the perfect formulation.

Browse our full selection of cruelty-free skincare online today. All Jennifer Bradley products are the result of painstaking decades of research into products that are both effective and safe to use while respecting the animals that share the planet with us.