The Pore Refiner.

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Refine Your Pores OR Heal Your Sensitive, Dry, Skin Now. 

Correct, Perfect, and Protect your Acne/Combination/Sensitive Broken Out Skin with this incredibly easy and affordable medical-grade kit.

  1. Moisturizer for day and night with Medical Grade, Fragrance-Free moisturizer for your Skin Type.
  2. Powder
  3. Treatment
  4. Cleanser
  5. 4 in 1 Camera Ready Foundation - Get your custom match by clicking the chat button below!

Pick your kit by skin type:

Normal/Combination/Oily w/ Uneven Skin Tone
Resurface Gel, Clearly Younger, Flawless Photofinish Powder, and 3 in One Fresh Cleanser
Normal/Combination Skin
Time Freeze Max, Clearly Younger, Flawless Photofinish Powder, and 3 in One Fresh Cleanser
Resurface Gel, Clearly Younger, Flawless Photofinish Powder, and 3 in One Fresh Cleanser
Dry Skin w/ Uneven Skin Tone
Best Brightener, Luminosity Cream, Totally Baked Perfecting Powder, and Coconut Cleanser
Dry/Rosacea Skin
Time Freeze Max, 2 Cooling Moisture Serums, Totally Baked Perfecting Powder, and Coconut Cleanser
Dry/Mature Skin
Time Freeze Max, Luminosity Cream, Totally Baked Perfecting Powder, and Coconut Cleanser

How to use:

Wash AM and PM with the 3 In One Fresh Cleanser then Moisturize On Wednesdays and Sunday nights apply a small amount of the Resurface Gel on skin in a thin layer all over face, avoiding eye area after washing with the cleanser. This will help get rid of brown spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation and help to clear up acne prone skin overnight. Most people with fairer or more sensitive skin will feel a tingling/burning sensation. If you feel this please leave on just for 3 minutes then RINSE OFF! Once the Resurface Gel has been used DO NOT use anything else until the following morning when you will rinse your face (you may use our cleanser) then follow up with our Cooling Moisture Serum. Again, No moisturizer on these nights. Go to sleep. Wake up, rinse off, moisturize, and apply 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation. You can also use this as a spot treatment on nights when you are breaking out. Remember that our foundation is what will protect you from the sun to prevent any brown spots or any discoloration from appearing.


Resurface Gel:
7.5% fruit acid, lactic acid, kojic acid treatment to be used to spot treat acne or as a night time treatment for brown spots and hyperpigmentation. It is advised to start out slow with this product. Use only at night, once ever 3-4 days. Apply to clean skin, leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse off completely. Do not use any other products afterwards, simply rinse and go to bed. Some people will feel a bit of a tingling sensation, others will feel nothing. This can cause a bit of minor irritation at first, but your skin will adjust to this and you will be able to leave it on for prolonged periods of time. If you are suffering from broken out, problematic skin, or combination skin, or sensitive skin with "bumps," this is the perfect collection for you. See a dramatic overnight difference in skin with this no fragrance, no filler, 97% natural kit that corrects, perfects, and protects your skin from the sun.



For guaranteed foundation match, click on our Live Chat box or email us at Satisfaction and Color Match Guaranteed

To apply foundation, apply on clean skin. Apply a thin layer of the Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer, then using the foundation brush, apply the 4 in One Camera Ready Makeup all over the Face in a thin layer. Using fingertips or a brush, add just a touch more of the foundation for more coverage. To set makeup and have it all day, just apply a very light dusting of the Flawless Photofinish Powder with a powder brush.


*Priced as a kit. Additional discounts do not apply

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