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Best Tubing Mascara

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I have found the golden ticket to a completely smudge-proof look that is perfect for sensitive eyes, something that everyone has been asking me for, and now everyone really needs it, especially if you are no longer able to get lash extensions, or just simply want long lashes that don't give you the raccoon look by 4:00.

A few months ago, I went to get my hair blown out, and got talked in to getting lash extensions. That was such a mistake! LOL I am laughing about this now, because they looked so fake. My Bryan was none too pleased with them at all. He said, "Jen, it looks like you have a bad mustache on your eyelids, please take them off."

I also want to say that the person who did my lash extensions is wonderful, very talented, but no matter where I have ever gone to get lash extensions or even false lashes applied, it seems that the shape of my eyes are practically impossible to work with, even for seasoned professional artists. No matter how we trim the lashes, or shape them, they always lift off on the edges, because I have such large, round eyes.

Anyway, I looked ridiculous, and could not stand the feeling of the lash adhesive, so I took the lash extensions off, which in turn, pulled out all of my lashes. It was a sad, sad day in JB Land... until I remembered that I had this Handy Dandy Lash & Brow Serum that grows back your lashes and brows with daily use in less than 10 days. My lashes grew back in quickly. Can I get an Hallelujah! Seriously, I was so relieved.

But now for my next task: I needed a better mascara. I live in a hot, sticky, humid place, and I needed a mascara that did not run, nourished my lashes/promoted growth vs. break my lashes like waterproof formulas did. Every time I ever used a waterproof mascara, my lashes would break, and no one wants that.

So, after practically searching the world over, I found the BEST Tubing Mascara called Totally Tubular and it is incredible. Now what is a Tubing Mascara, you ask? Tubing mascara is not just mascara in a tube. Nor is it formulated for people who like to go tubing down rivers in Texas or on a rubber tube flying down frozen mountain sides lol. ( And yes, I have done both things in my life, and feel blessed to have had these experiences, but no, "tubing mascara" has nothing to do with either one of these fun activities.)

Tubing mascaras are a completely different type of mascara that is formulated to be totally smudge-proof and have special polymers that wrap around each individual lash in "tubes" for the most even and longest lashes. It is a growth promoting formula that actually curls the lashes for you! This mascara is formulated specifically for those with sensitive eyes, and guess what? It is so simple to remove them with irritation.

All you need is warm water and a gentle massaging motion around the lash line, and the most satisfying thing happens, the tubes just gently fall off, while your lashes stay in tact. No irritation makeup remover necessary at all. I just use my 3 in One Fresh Cleanser, which is selling like crazy lately btw, some warm water, and the tubes just gently come off. It's actually rather satisfying. ( I picked up that word from my children that love to make slime lol)

Even better: This mascara was only launched a few weeks ago and is getting RAVE reviews like this one below:

In LOVE with this mascara, goes on smoothly, doesn't flake off, stays on all day, best thing is that it curls my lashes something no other mascara does for me!! Thank you JB For creating the BEST and most AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL MASCARA!!! 


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