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Savinchi 500mg Sacha Inchi Seed Oil Gel Capsules

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Want to know my latest beauty hack for healthy, glowing and young looking skin?

Shhh...... This little known anti-aging secret is nothing new. People have been using this very same elusive seed oil for thousands of years in the cloud forests of the Andes. Members of ancient Japanese Royalty made it to Peru in search of the fountain of youth.

Traces of carefully refined oils were found in ancient Peruvian mummies. Scientists were baffled to discover that Sacha Inchi oil was generously used in what are now considered to be the oldest mummies in the world! Why is this strange seed so important in ancient (pre-flood) cultures and why was it kept secret for so many years? After decades of research and many peer-reviewed articles nothing compares to the variety of vital compounds found in Sacha Inchi.

As of today, there are not many who know of the health benefits of this incredibly powerful and VEGAN source of Omegas 3.

Our organic Sacha Inchi is rich in protein! It has ALL THREE OMEGA fatty acids (3, 6, 9), alpha-tocopherol, vitamin E, and carotenoids (Vitamin A), and fiber. Its unique collection of nutrients provide notable benefits for the body:

  • Controls cholesterol. Sacha inchi lowers BAD cholesterol (LDL) and raises GOOD cholesterol (HDL).
  • Overall immune system support and fights stress. Sacha Inchi is high in tryptophan (a hormone and neurotransmitter) that helps the brain to release stress and feel better. Also, by being so high in Omega-3, it reduces brain inflammation (no headaches).
  • Improves brain function. The high concentration of Omega and healthy fats, helps the brain to continually fight inflammation; which reduces the risk of depression, fatigue, memory issue, and responses to pain.
  • Improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. This in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular concerns.
  • Diabetes fighter. The high concentration of Omega-3 helps control glucose levels in the body. It also lowers triglycerides levels, which are high in people with diabetes.
  • Bone improvement. Omega-3 assists the body with calcium absorption, which improves bone density and strength.
  • Vision support. Rich in vitamin E and A, which both facilitate greater vision and less deterioration.
  • Joint pain and healing. Due to the anti-inflammatory nature of the plant, it can be used to help with joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis..
  • Skin and hair production. Omega-3 is essential to healthy hair and skin; and the plant is very rich in Omega-3.
I personally tried this myself ( a person with unusually high cholesterol ) this helped me reach **perfect** cholesterol levels. Our close friend who makes these capsules is 67-year-old Cross Fit Champion in Costa Rica.

Get your monthly supply today for only 29.99!

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