The right product can enhance your lips and make them look full and plump. Lip products also work to add moisture back into your lips, and this moisture can make your lips look and feel soft and silky. We're very proud of our line of lip products at Jennifer Bradley, and we've worked hard on each formula to ensure that it delivers exceptional results each time our clients use them.

For people with dry and cracked lips, this can be an embarrassing and painful problem that gets worse in the cooler winter weather or hotter summer months. We offer lip products that can cure your dry lips and plump them with oligopeptides, and the moisture also creates a protective barrier that works to prevent further damage due to everyday exposure.

We have lip pencils and a cream-based lipstick in 20 gorgeous colours ranging from soft and subtle to bold and vibrant. They feature a rich and dense formula that saturates your lips and helps to lock in moisture for an all-day wear that looks fantastic from the moment you put it on until the moment you remove it.

If you want a non-sticky lip gloss that doubles as a moisturizer, we have it in stock as well! It comes in nine different colours, and you get a soft hint of mint flavor each time you wear it. Perhaps you'd like a complete lip kit that helps you contour your lips, moisturize them and make them look fuller. If so, we have the kit that allows you to customize your color choices to suit your style. Whether you want to make a statement or subtly enhance your lips, our kit can work for you.

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