MASSIVE Gorgeous Tiger's Eye Bracelets

$49.99 USD

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We just got the most brilliant and bold, high quality and and MASSIVE Tiger's Eye Bracelets arrive, and they absolutely exceed my expectations in every way. These are over 10mm in circumference, and they are the most beautiful quality Tiger's Eye Stones I have ever seen.


The only other bracelets of this quality I have seen online have retailed for over $250.00, but I am going to be selling them for only $49.99 each, and yes you can use a coupon code so you don't pay full price :) Just ask our team what the latest codes are to get the best deal. We only have a limited amount in stock, and they will look incredible on both men women who love gems/natural stones, or simply Tiger's Eye lovers. ( I know you are out there... I am one of them! Such a gorgeous grounding stone)