Dry, sensitive skin can make it hard to find a makeup or skincare product that you like that is gentle enough to not irritate your skin. At Jennifer Bradley, we've worked hard to build a premium line of sensitive skincare products that work beautifully with your dry skincare routine to give you gorgeous skin without any irritation or redness.

You can start with our cleansers. It may surprise you how much of your sensitivity is due to makeup residue. Not only can it cause irritation, but it can also clog your pores and lead to constant breakouts. Our sensitive skincare products can help to strip all of the unwanted residue away to give you a clean foundation to start building your sensitive skincare routine on.

Another common problem we help with is finding products that minimise the look of fine lines and wrinkles without drying out your skin and causing more issues. We have masks and serums that sink into your skin to a cellular level to help boost your body's natural cell production. In turn, these new cells help to gradually fill in the fine lines and wrinkles that can age your face without causing further irritation or breakouts.

We also have kits available that work to reboot your skin by taking washed-out and worn skin and bringing radiance back. They work to lock moisture under your skin, seal moisture in to prevent dry or cracking problems and protect your skin from further damage by forming a thin protective barrier. You can use them every day or every few days to keep your skin moisturised, flawless and soft to the touch.

Are you ready to experience sensitive skincare products that work? Contact us today to find out more!