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The "Skin Reboot" Essentials

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For Mature Dry, Dehydrated Skin. Time Freeze MAX Plus Choose 2 treatments


Does your dry, dehydrated skin need a total reboot/refresh? Are you missing that radiance to your skin? Let's bring your skin's sexy back with The Skin Reboot Essentials. This is my secret to truly ageless skin. 
I start by layering skincare. YES, Layering Skincare. 

The Time Freeze MAX

Serum is a patented collagen booster, deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid serum that redistributes the moisture underneath the skin and holds it in.  Retails for $58.00

Follow with a thin layer of Luminosity Cream if you have dry skin 

Retails for $78.00

Or seal it all in with the Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer if you have normal to combination/oily skin 

Retails for $68.00
Now you can choose the NEW Soft Focus Filter in a Jar, retail value $68.00 as a treatment option!

When you purchase The Skin Reboot Essentials you get 3 of these amazing products for the price of two! We are essentially giving you The Time Freeze FREE 

Choose from Clearly Younger Moisturizer, Cooling Moisture serum or Luminosity Cream or Oxygen Plasma Mask
Make sure to protect your fresh new skin by wearing your water-resistant, natural sun protection that is in the Camera-Ready Makeup. 

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