Love Your Skin

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Get 3 of our all-time favorite cult classic products that were created specifically for sensitive skin, for hydration, and also for promoting younger, healthier, smoother, firmer skin on a cellular level. If you have dry, sensitive skin, you can get a remarkable turnaround in such a quick time when you use this Love Your Skin Kit!

Love Your Skin Kit includes:

Time Freeze Max
Cooling Moisture Serum
Roses and Rubies Hydra Spray


How to use this trio for best results:

1)  Use our exclusive new Roses and Rubies Hydra Spray First, gently spraying your face, forehead, and neck. This sensational hydration spray contains a proprietary ingredient from Japan that promotes younger, healthier skin cell regeneration, as well as beads of micro-fine crushed rubies as well as crushed pearl, which assists in holding moisture in the skin, as well as it helps create more even-toned skin. 

Do not let it dry. Immediately apply the next step before it dries. 

2)  Apply the Time Freeze Max in a very thin layer all over face, inThe Time Freeze Max is a patented line plumper, collagen booster, and it tightens your skin with peptides. It works so very well with the Roses & Rubies Spray to get that instantly hydrated sensation back into skin. 

Again, do not let it dry, immediately apply next step before it dries.

3)  Smooth & Seal all the Hydration in with Cooling Moisture Serum. This silky serum-gel hydrator makes your skin smooth as glass. Contains natural plant inflammatories, will leave skin soft, hydrated, and will eradicate redness on skin immediately. Helps with other common skin issues, such as rosacea, ingrown hairs, and much more. 


*Priced as a kit.  Additional discounts do not apply