Best Face Forward Starter Kit.

$149.99 USD $300.00 USD

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Now is the time to Get Your Best Face Forward Starter Kit.

Includes Time Freeze Max, Moisturizer, Treatment, Cleanser and Foundation.

This is the ideal starter kit for anyone that is looking for younger-looking, smooth skin. Maybe you are fighting signs of aging, like crows feet, deep tissue lines/wrinkles, or you are wanting to prevent signs, then this is your ideal starter kit.

This kit includes almost $300.00 worth of product for only $149.99

You save $100.00 when you purchase these products together in a bundle.


Every Best Face Forward Starter Kit Includes:

The Time Freeze Max This Patented Line Plumper, Collagen Booster, Deep Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum is one of our all-time best sellers simply because is so very effective. Apply all over the face in a thin layer and around the eye area before moisturizing cream am and pm for best results. Retail Value: $68.00

Camera Ready Foundation This one makeup goes on smooth, with a dewy, yet not greasy start, and has layerable, FAST & FLAWLESS coverage. You apply in a thin layer first, then layer on a touch more as concealer. A little teeny bit goes a long, long way. Just one of these lasts most clients for over a year!


For guaranteed foundation match, click on our Live Chat box 24 hours a day, text us at 954 383 5186, or email us at *Satisfaction and Color Match Guaranteed

To apply foundation, apply on clean skin. Apply a thin layer of the Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer, then using a foundation brush, apply the 4 in One Camera Ready Makeup all over the Face in a thin layer. Using fingertips or a brush, add just a touch more of the foundation for more coverage. Retail value $58


Pick Your Kit By Skin Type:

Normal/Combo/Oily Skin
Time Freeze Max, Resurface Gel, Clearly Younger, and 3 In One Fresh Cleanser
Dry Skin w/ Uneven Skin Tone
Time Freeze Max, Best Brightener, Luminosity Cream, and Coconut Cleanser
Dry/Rosacea Skin
Time Freeze Max, 2 Cooling Moisture Serums, Oxygen Plasma Mask, and Coconut Cleanser
Dry/Mature Skin
Time Freeze Max, Luminosity Cream, Oxygen Plasma Mask, and Coconut Cleanser


*Priced as a kit. Additional discounts do not apply

About the Products:

Luminosity Cream Moisturizer (for super sensitive, dry, dehydrated, aging skin) promotes hydration and smooth texture, depuffs under eyes. contains the soothing scent of cucumber extract and citrus. Retail value $78.00

Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer with Retinol ( for normal/combination/acne-prone skin) Promotes firm skin, smooth skin, keeps skin clear from breakouts, creates younger-looking skin via cellular turnover. Has a fresh scent of natural orange flower neroli. Retail Value $68.00

Resurface Gel  All-Natural Treatment for hyper-pigmentation, to get rid of acne scarring/spots, spot treatment for acne, and natural exfoliator. Retail Value $68.00

Oxygen Plasma Mask  Deeply Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Mask for overnight plump "baby skin" Get beautiful skin overnight. Clarifies skin, hydrates, rejuvenates. Retail value $68.00