Highlight & Contour

If you want to capture that perfect sun-kissed look without the sun, a bronzer is an easy way to accomplish this look. You can achieve a perfectly warm look quickly and easily with our line of highlighter makeup. At Jennifer Bradley, we excel at offering a broad range of highlighter makeup that is great for all skin tones.

One easy way to enhance your features is by using a highlighter, and we have a premium range of highlighter makeup in stock. You can use it to make your eyes, lips or cheekbones stand out, and you only need a small amount to do so.

Whether you want to create a stunning base for your other makeup or give yourself a flawless finish, bronzer is a fast and efficient way to tie your look together and get a photo-ready look. Our soft colors are the perfect accent for skin tones ranging from very light to very dark, and we formulate all of them to be extremely lightweight with a silky look and feel.

Maybe you're searching for a lightweight setting makeup to give you a finish that looks sleek and professional. If so, we have products for this as well! Our translucent setting powder freezes your makeup and gives you subtle highlights that enhance your best features.

We take immense pride in giving our clients a broad range of highlighter makeup in both individual pieces and comprehensive kits. You can choose which foundation color matches your skin tone and, and we'll ship you a kit that contains four pieces of highlighter-style makeup straight to your door. Contact us today in the chat below to find out more.