Resurface Gel

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Before you see a doctor to have laser treatment for brown spots/hyperpigmentation, try this Medically Formulated Spot Remover that Really Works. 
Dramatically diminish brown spots/acne scars or brown spots from the sun, hormones (melasma), or aging in as quickly as two weeks of use of this safe, and highly effective 7.5% fruit acid gel with kojic acid for lightening. Resurface Gel gently erases sun damage, fine lines, and gently smooths/exfoliates the surface of the skin. This product is proven to make scars less visible over time. Safe to use while pregnant or nursing. Use once or twice a week at night for optimum results. Keep the hyper-pigmentation away by using sunblock or wearing Jennifer Bradley 4 in One Smart Makeup with sun protection. 
Medically formulated with no fragrances, no filler ingredients. Please use only as directed. 

Product Details:

1 oz.


Distilled Water, Natural Apha Hydroxy Acids, Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid, Pyruvic Acid, Cellulose Gum 

How to Use:

1) Resurface Gel should be used either once or twice a week, at night only, after cleansing with 3 in One Fresh Cleanser

I recommend using this routinely on a specific day/schedule that fits your skin's needs. If you are using it, and it causes dryness, maybe only use it once a week, or have more days in between treatments. My preference is to use this routinely once every 5 days, or once a week. Many clients like to use this product two times a week. It all depends on how your skin can tolerate the product. 
2)  Apply the resurface gel all over your face in a thin layer, avoiding the immediate eye area. Allow to sit on the skin for 2-5 minutes, then rinse off completely. Do not apply any other moisturizer or product afterwards. Go to bed, wake up, then rinse, and moisturize with Cooling Moisture Serum. 
3) Resurface Gel is a 7.5% fruit acid, lactic acid and kojic acid. It can be irritating, it can tingle, it might even burn ever so slightly. I recommend applying this for only 2-3 minutes the first few times you use it, and then rinse of completely. 
After you rinse it off, do not apply anything else whatsoever. Just rinse it, and go to bed. 
4) In the am, rinse your face, then use the Cooling Moisture Serum to moisturize and you MUST MUST MUST use my foundation as a sunscreen to keep those brown spots from coming back, and also to protect yourself from getting more sun exposure or more spots
5) Pay attention to your skin. 
When I first started using this product 12 years ago, it really stung. I am very fair, never used any type of glycolic peel, or anything on my skin, and it itched like crazy. I couldn't wait to get it off, so I would rinse completely after 3 minutes. After a few weeks of regular use, my skin got used to it, and now when I use the Resurface Gel, I feel practically nothing at all when I apply it. No sting. I now leave it on all night on Sunday nights every week. 
You may feel absolutely nothing. This does not mean that the product is not working, it just means that your skin is simply not sensitive to it. Please remember that you are using an at home fruit acid peel, and follow directions, whether you feel the product or not. If you over do it, you will get a bit of redness, irritation, and you will peel. 
I would do this every 3-4 days to get rid of my acne scars and hyperpigmentation from pregnancy that just wouldn't go away. I was diligent. It took a while, but with consistency, you can really get rid of acne scars, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and completely resurface your skin texture. 
 You may see overnight results with this, some people will see their spots and melasma dramatically diminished, and even completely gone. There are also some, (very small percentage) that will see no results at all. If you are not seeing results within 30 days of use, please contact customer service, as this is guaranteed to work or your money back. 
If you are working at a tough brown spot or a deep acne scar, just be consistent. Follow my instructions and do this once every 3-4 days on nights when you know you are not going to be in the sun the next day and ALWAYS use the 4 in One Camera Ready Makeup to not only cover, but to protect against more spots/sun damage. Regular SPF does NOT protect skin against getting brown spots/hyperpigmentation. Only a physical barrier block will with titanium dioxide or zinc.  
*Results will vary per client.