The Naked Blender Sponge

$12.00 USD

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Some of our clients love using makeup sponges to apply makeup, some clients love to apply makeup with a brush. I am definitely more of a brush fan, but when clients always ask for particular things, I listen. So, without further adieu, I bring to you the Naked Blender Sponge in Nude. :) This is a great washable sponge for blending, applying makeup, for "baking" powder under eyes. Some prefer to dampen their sponge first and then applying makeup, others just apply makeup dry. For our clients with really dry skin, dampening the Naked Blender Sponge before applying any foundation really will help to get that glow on as well help get the coverage you need/want. You can also dampen the Naked Blender Sponge, then dip into the Flawless Photofinish Powder to press and set powder under eyes in a way that is truly creaseless. I love the Naked Blender Sponge for so many reasons, and I know you will, too. It also has a fabulous price of $12.00 vs. $20.00, which I am sure you will appreciate as well.