Your Go-To Guide for Cruelty Free Skincare

Your Go-To Guide for Cruelty Free Skincare

In the skincare industry, there are a lot of buzzwords you may encounter. From skin resurfacing to brightening serums, from oxygen plasma masks to collagen-boosting moisturizers, it can all get a bit confusing. Today on the blog, we cover the industry’s latest buzzword -  cruelty free skincare - and explain what it is, how it works and why you should make the switch today. 


  • What is cruelty free skincare?
  • Do we test on animals?
  • Which products are cruelty free?
  • Why should I switch to cruelty free products?
  • What are the benefits of cruelty free skincare?

What is cruelty free skincare?

Cruelty free skincare means that the listed product does not test on animals. 

Customers should be aware that there is a difference however, between cruelty free skincare and vegan skincare. Cruelty free skincare means that overall, animal testing hasn’t been used during the product’s testing phase. It may however contain animal products like milk, gelatin and lanolin making it unsuitable for vegans. Vegan skincare and associated vegan cosmetic products do not use animal products in its production phase. 

At Jennifer Bradley, our skincare range is cruelty free and vegan. We encourage our customers to explore the full range of our cruelty free skincare collection today, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing our products are incredibly animal friendly, as it is medically effective on producing great skin results.

Do we test on animals?

Here at Jennifer Bradley, we do not test on animals. We’re proud to be one of the leading skincare and cosmetic companies around the world, championing the way ahead for cruelty free skincare and ensuring that our animal friends are not harmed by any means within the production of our products. We also make certain not to use animal products, working hard to create a line that’s as ethically responsible as it is effective on skin.

Which products are cruelty free?

Everything available within our cruelty free skincare range is cruelty free. We do not test on animals, nor do we use animal products. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our best selling products within the cruelty free skincare range:

The Pore Refiner: The perfect kit to clarify your skin and improve the overall appearance of your pores. It includes a medical grade moisturizer, setting powder, treatment and cleanser. Customers are able to pick a specific pore refiner kit tailored to their skin type. We include all skin types including normal, combination, oily, acne, dry skin, sensitive, mature skin and more. 

The ‘Skin Reboot’ Essentials: One of our most popular kits for mature, dry and dehydrated skin. The set comes with our best selling Time Freeze Max as well as two treatments of your choice, that all work in perfect harmony to reduce the signs of aging. 

Best DNA Repair Cream w/Telomerase & Crushed Pearl: One of the moist hydrating moisturizers that you will ever come across. The best DNA repair cream contains specific ingredients that are designed to promote the health of our cells, giving your skin the ultimate in hydration, while also boosting collagen and moisture retention.

Cooling Moisture Serum: Perfect for those with rosacea, ingrown hairs or shaving bumps, this deeply moisturizing serum will calm red, irritated and ultra-sensitive skin immediately, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky smooth. With its natural and ethically sourced ingredients, it’s perfect for all skin types and won’t cause breakouts and inflammation.

Resurface Gel: If you have brown spots, acne scars or hyperpigmentation, our resurface gel is the perfect product for you. Made of a highly effective 7.5% fruit gel with kojic acid for lightening, our resurface gel gently erases sun damage, fine lines and acne scars, while also gently smoothing out the overall appearance and textures of your skin.

Why should I switch to cruelty free products?

Testing on animals is extremely cruel. Mice aren’t just subjected to animal product tests, but also, rabbits, cats and even dogs. Many of these animals are ones we call pets, and we would never subject them to the same dangerous chemicals they’re being exposed to that companies today do for animal testing.

It’s also extremely unnecessary. Animal testing occurs when companies want to create new products and new ingredients and that’s not fair on our animal friends, especially when there are over 7000 cosmetic ingredients listed safe to use. Companies today that test on animals choose to test on animals and that is simply not on - and as a result of this, thousands of cruelty free skincare products now exist in the market to combat against these companies and we encourage our customers to explore the full range of our animal-friendly skincare collection available today. 

What are the benefits of cruelty free skincare?

There are so many benefits to cruelty free skincare! Not only do they not harm our animal friends, but they’re generally more healthier and better for your skin. Jennifer Bradley’s range of cruelty free skincare products uses as many natural and proven-safe synthetic products as is possible, which in turn, reduces breakouts, allergies and inflammation on your skin as we eliminate dangerous, toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and synthetic dyes.

With these ethically sourced natural ingredients, this also means that our cruelty free skincare range is well suited to all different skin types. Whether you have dry, combination, oily, sensitive skin or anything in between, our cruelty free skincare products will have you glowing in no time.

And last but not least, perhaps one of the most exciting reasons to purchase cruelty free skincare is that it’s supporting local business. Most conventional skincare products come from major companies with billions of dollars and global reach. Local stores like us, are very customer orientated, dedicated to helping our customers achieve great results with their skin, while also, championing the way for cruelty free skincare, driving real and effective change within the industry. 

Browse the full range of Jennifer Bradley’s cruelty free skincare range today. All products are the results of painstaking decades of research, achieving the perfect formulation between cruelty free skincare and medical grade effective products. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today!

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