Why Your Body (And Skin) Craves Omegas

Why Your Body (And Skin) Craves Omegas
Why Your Body (Especially Your Skin) Craves Omegas
Fat has been demonized in the food manufacturing world, but did
you know that there are essential fats that your body craves so
that you can have gorgeous skin, a beautiful brain, and more
radiant health in just about every organ system in your body than
you ever imagined?
How Fat Got a Bad Rep
In the last 50 years disease like diabetes and obesity have
skyrocketed. People have irritating skin conditions and acne that
just won’t seem to stop. They’ve got irritable bowel syndrome and
even clinical depression. They’ve got ailments that their doctors
can’t even name let alone treat. It’s likely that much of this
mayhem was caused by the demonization of fat by the sugar
Believe it or not Harvard scientists were paid to downplay the
effects of consuming large amounts of sugar, while the sugar
industry touted their wares (particularly in the form of sugary
sodas and sports drinks, though we won’t name names here). In
the meantime dietary fats (essential ones) were blamed along
with cholesterol for the growing health concerns that everyone
was experiencing.
Unsuspecting people like you and me started buying “low-fat” and
reduced calorie foods, even in the form of “diet” food in order to
avoid the demonized fat that we were being directly and indirectly
told was causing our love-handles and low energy.
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While this successful marketing ploy was playing out, the sugar
industry was raking in billions. You can now find sugar and high
fructose corn syrup in everything from pasta sauce to oatmeal,
and of course in sugary snacks and drinks. 
Healthy Fats are Vital to Your Health and Even Keep
You From Getting Fat!
What most people are only now just coming to realize is that
healthy, essential fatty acids, are vital to your health and can
completely transform how you look and feel.
We’re not talking about the highly processed fats that have to go
through a corruptive process called partial hydrogenation in a lab
before they are sold on the market so that they will last longer on
super market shelves. These include most vegetable oils. These
are often called trans-fats.
We’re talking about:
MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) and PUFAs
(polyunsaturated fatty acids) and Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids.
The Amazing Benefits of Omega 3, 6, 9 in Balanced Ratios
These fats come from mostly plant-based and fish sources and
offer the following incredible benefits:
- They make your skin glow from within by reducing
chronic inflammation which can cause eczema, psoriasis, 
acne, and premature aging via oxidation of free radicals (you
can also help to repair skin that has already been damaged
by the sun, your diet, and a sedentary lifestyle by trying
Jennifer Bradley’s Time Freeze MAX, one of the only
serums on the market that contain high enough levels of
moisture-locking Hyaluronic Acid, which is the main
component of pricey injectable fillers like Restylane. You can
also try Jennifer Bradley’s Resurface Gel, to dramatically
diminish age spots and brown spots caused by sun damage,
hormones, and the passing of time.
You can also add Omegas to your diet and these will also
start to disappear from the inside out because these
essential fatty acids contain DHA and EPA, essential fats
that your body can’t make itself. These are directly
implicated in the appearance and structure of your skin.
They help to reduce the appearance of aging because they
are incorporated into the top layer of skin cells.
They also infuse into the deeper layers of the skin to keep
collagen in-tact, and the basic building blocks of healthy skin
- They reduce your chances of developing or
exacerbating an autoimmune disease. Omega 3's in
particular can help reduce the symptoms of inflammatory
diseases like brain fog, IBS, Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis,
coronary heart disease, depression, migraine headaches,
and more.
- They reduce “bad” cholesterol and support levels of
“good” cholesterol. Eating healthy fats naturally regulates
your cholesterol levels so that you have better heart health.
I have already seen this happen, as I tried the product out for three months personally. 
My cholesterol has always been bad, and after a recent blood test, I was
so happy to hear that my cholesterol was perfect. 
- Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease triglycerides, lower
blood pressure slightly, and reduce irregular heartbeats.
Your heartrate variability is a good measure of your overall
health. The heart doesn’t always beat at the same pace, it is
affected by your stress levels, emotions, and other
environmental factors. The more balanced your heart-rate is,
the better you’ll look and feel.
- There is even evidence that a stable heart rhythm affects
others around you via the heart’s massive electro-
magnetic field, which is the largest field emitted by the body
or its organ systems. This is called heart to brain coherence,
and the HeartMath institute has done more than two
decades of studies on this. Omega 3's might help to keep
you calm and affect this resonance. 
- Your brain loves them. People who have sufficient
essential fatty acids (3, 6, 9s) in the diet have a lowered
incidence of neurodegenerative disease. It seems that the
myelin layer which surrounds your brain cells needs these
fats to stay thick enough to do its job. These essential fatty
acids also promote neuroplasticity, and neurogenesis (the
ability for your brain to make new brain cells even as you
age, and to make new connections between existing brain
cells via neurotransmitters.)
- They help to regulate your blood sugar levels so that
you don’t overeat. Omegas, MUFAs and PUFAs all help to
keep your blood sugar levels stable so that you don’t have a
spike and subsequent crash. There is new evidence that the
more unstable your blood sugar is, the shorter your life-span
will be! 
We also know from mounds of research that diet is just as
important to exercise for staying fit and trim. If you don’t
crave crappy food, then you won’t eat too many calories, and
you’ll also have the energy to actually make it to the gym, or
go on that hike in nature.
I am seeing this happen first hand in my life. 
Getting healthy, changing my diet, taking the right supplements 
has transformed me in the very very best way. I am sharing this
with all of you because it was just a few months ago, I thought 
I was dying of some strange disease. After making changes in my 
diet, I regained my energy, my strength, mental clarity, and now I am 
doing what I never imagined possible: I work out 5 days a week
and I LOVE IT. 
- Omegas boost your mood. In fact, numerous studies have proven
that a balanced intake of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids can
reduce the symptoms of depression and promote feelings of
well-being. This has to do with how Omegas help to restore
your gut flora and repair the gut-brain axis. 
-Mood disorders affect not just the person who is
experiencing anxiety and depression but everyone around
them. There’s a simple remedy, though. Get your Omegas!
- They supply natural energy. People who eat enough
Omegas have more energy because their bodies aren’t
constantly fighting low-grade inflammation. This means that
you can work out longer and recover faster. You have
enough energy to tackle your dreams, and to spend time
with the people you love AT THE SAME TIME!
How to Get More Omegas
Most people eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), or some
proximity of it aren’t getting nearly enough healthy fats in the right
Our ancestors evolved on a diet that was based on an Omega-6
to Omega-3 ratio of 3-1. Most of us eat a ratio that is 15-1. From
an evolutionary perspective, we’re way, way off. 
Omega 6s can increase unhealthy cholesterol levels, while
Omega 3s including DHA, and EPA contain all the benefits of fatty
acids without any negative side effects.
Omega 3s contain the following essential components that our
bodies need for all those incredible benefits you just read above:
- EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) – A carbon-20 fatty acid that
produces a chemical called eicosanoids. These help to
reduce inflammation and can even help to reduce
depression symptoms.
- DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) – A carbon-22 fatty acid that
supports brain development. It makes up a whopping 8% of
the brain’s volume!
- ALA (Alpha-linolenic Acid) – A carbon-18 fatty acid that is
converted into both EPA and DHA by the body. ALA is used
for energy production.
Omega 9s come in the form of Oleic acid and is also extremely
health-promoting. You can find it in foods like olive oil and
sunflower oil as well as some nuts and seeds.
You can add all these healthy Omegas via a plant-based diet by
eating more:
- Seaweed and algae
- Nuts like Brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans, cashews, pine nuts, etc.
- Chia seeds
- Hemp seeds
- Kidney beans
Get Essential Omega 3, 6, 9s in the form of sustainable
Sacha Inchi extracts HERE. (This completely changed my
skin when I added Omegas and used my Time Freeze MAX
and my Clearly Younger Skin w Retinol (Goddessy Creme) 
It’s like hitting the causes of aging from
the inside and the outside with a one-two punch. My skin looks
red-carpet worthy now, and it wasn’t always like this!)
You can also take an amazing supplement that derives a
balanced level of Omega 3, 6, 9s that is sourced from Peruvian
Sacha Inchi nuts. These have also been called simply – Inca nuts.
They are one of the richest sources of Omegas in the world!
They’ve been part of the Incan diet for thousands of years,
growing in the Amazonian rainforest and in the Andes Mountains
of Peru. They grow on the Plukenetia volubilis vine, and are
technically a seed, not a nut.
These seeds are chock-full of Omegas, but also contain 9 grams
of protein per serving, as well as tons of Vitamin E which is
another skin-boosting Vitamin. 
Sacha Inchi provide the following break-down of Omegas:
Omega 3 – 48.6%
Omega 6 – 36.8%
Omega 9 – 6.2%
Get Essential Omega 3, 6, 9s in the form of sustainable
Sacha Inchi extracts HERE. (This completely changed my
cholesterol numbers at my doctor’s office after taking these
Omega’s for just a few weeks!)
You can add them to your diet, or simply take a daily supplement
to be sure to fill in the nutritional gaps that often come with living a
crazy, busy life. (We know you finally had time for lunch today at
The take-away here is that if you want:
- Amazing skin
- Reduced chronic inflammation
- More energy
- A better mood
- A brain that works when you need it to
- Balanced blood sugar levels
- Awesome cholesterol numbers
- A balanced heart-rate-variability score
You need essential fatty acids in the form of Omegas.
The Skin-Boosting Trio
Treat yourself to the best skin and the best health you’ve ever had
by trying this trio TODAY:
Savinchi 500mg Sacha Inchi Seed Oil Gel Capsules 
Time Freeze MAX and Clearly Younger Skin w Retinol (Goddessy Creme)
Just put the code: loveomegas
 in at checkout for 25% off for a limited time
Cheers to good health! 
Peace, love, lipgloss
Jennifer Bradley
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