What Should Your Night-Time Skincare Routine Be?

What Should Your Night-Time Skincare Routine Be?

It can be quite challenging coming up with a skincare routine that works for you. With so many products on the market and so many popularised half-hour routines, the entire task can be overwhelming. Especially if you can’t even figure out what your skin type is. 

So, it’s easy to give up on the idea of having an established night-time routine. It takes too much time, it’s too complicated, and it’s too demanding. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

With only a handful of products and some guidance, you can get clear, healthy skin that’s simply glowing. 

So, let’s check out why having a night-time routine is essential, and answer the age-old question of “How can I care for my skin at night?”. 

Why Your Night-Time Skincare Routine Should Be Different 

Beauty sleep isn’t just a sarcastic phrase – it’s a real thing. You need adequate sleep to keep your skin fresh and healthy. 

During the day, your skin cells have an important defensive part to play. They detect light and UV exposure and need to work hard to protect themselves from it. They also need to provide antioxidant protection and defend you against pollution and free radical damage. 

But come night-time, and it’s time for the skin cells to recuperate and heal. During sleep, your skin cells are working hard to regenerate and repair daytime damage. When you sleep, your skin renewal rate virtually doubles, and collagen and melatonin production is increased. Your body temperature also rises, and you start losing more water through the skin. 

Since your skin is so different during the day and night, it requires different care at these times. In the daytime, you want to help your skin become more resilient to outside influences. And in the night-time, you want to help it rest and heal. Therefore, different skincare routines are a must. 

The Best Night-Time Skincare Routine 

So, with all these differences in the skin, precisely what should your night-time skincare routine be? What should you apply on the face at night? Let’s take a look. 

1. Makeup Remover 

Before you start applying any products to your skin at night, you first need to remove the makeup you applied earlier. Even if it’s minimal, it needs to be removed. 

The best way to do it is with some simple micellar water. It’s strong enough to dissolve and remove makeup without scrubbing, but gentle enough even for sensitive skin. 

However, if you want to limit the number of products you use on your face at night, you should get our 3 in One Fresh Cleanser. It’s ideal for removing makeup and for the next two steps in your new routine. 

2. Cleanser 

Introducing a high-quality cleanser to your night-time routine is an absolute must. It will lift up and remove any free radicals that got in contact with your skin during the day and leave you looking flawless. 

Give our Coconut Cream Cleanser a try, and you’ll never want for another product. It’ll leave your skin silky smooth, and the coconut scent will prep you for dreamland. 

3. Toner 

Toners are often underappreciated. If we go by the name alone, it seems that they simply improve your skin tone, right? So, why would you need them at night? 

Well, the thing is, toners do much more for your skin than you may think. They remove the last traces of impurity from your face, tighten up your pores, and restore your natural pH balance. They also work wonders for prepping your skin for the products that you apply afterwards. 

Buy our 3 in One Fresh Cleanser for a toner, cleanser, and makeup remover in one perfect product.  

4. Eye Cream 

This step is optional. If you’re using any eye creams, right after the toner would be the time to apply them. That will protect the sensitive area around your eyes from any of the harsher products that might come next. 

5. Serum/Treatment   

The most powerful (and often the most expensive) product to include in your night-time skincare routine is serum. Serums are designed to penetrate deep into the skin and nourish it from within. 

Our Cooling Moisture Serum will calm and moisturize your skin momentarily. It’s ideal for sensitive skin prone to irritation. 

If you’re using any prescribed creams or topical treatments, you can apply them now instead of a serum. 

6. Moisturizing Night Cream 

Regardless of your skin type, you can never apply too much moisturizer on your face. And yes, this is true even for oily skin. 

Moisturizers don’t add more oil to your skin. They provide hydration. They’re a tall glass of water for your face, and you should use them whether you have dry, combination, or oily skin. 

With the right moisturizing night cream like our Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer, you’ll get firmer, younger-looking skin in no time. So, buy Clearly Younger today, and enjoy radiant skin tomorrow. 

7. Nourishing Oil  

As a general rule of thumb, oils can penetrate moisturizers, but not the other way around. So, if you have dry skin, applying a nourishing oil should be the last step in your night-time skincare routine. It will lock in all the moisture and keep your skin well-hydrated overnight. 

And voila, your night-time skincare routine is done. You can hop to bed and wake up feeling and looking absolutely astonishing. 

What Time Should You Do Your Night-Time Skincare? 

Ideally, you should start your night-time skincare routine somewhere between 9 pm and 12 pm. That’s when your skin gets into its healing mode and starts producing more collagen and melatonin. 

However, the best time to do your night-time skincare routine depends on your normal daily schedule. Generally, you should do it at least half an hour before hitting the hay. You can finish up with your routine within a few minutes, but you’ll want to give the products some extra time to get absorbed by your skin. 

Final Thoughts 

Every skin is different and requires unique handling to be its best self. But regardless, everyone needs a proper night-time skincare routine to make their face shine. Browse through Jennifer Bradley products and find the ones best suited for your skin’s needs, and incorporate them into your night-time routine.

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