Tips for Mature Skin

Tips for Mature Skin


Jennifer embarked on this journey of developing revolutionary skincare because she could not find existing formulas that met her expectations. She tried just about everything and became an avid skincare researcher in the process. Seeing a lack in the market and knowing what her own skin needed, she wanted to develop extraordinary products, using more of the active ingredients, for greater potency and more powerful action. What she created has now become a line of products unlike anything else available. In the process, she crafted formulas that not only nourish and hydrate aging skin but can actually turn back the hands of time. 


Ready to make time not only stand still but rewind to a decade ago? Read on to learn our top skin tips for older women.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

We’re not just talking about how much water you drink, (which is super important, of course), but your skin needs more and more hydration as you age. Our Roses & Rubies Hydra Spray & our Time Freeze Max exceptional product to keep your skin hydrated before makeup or when you’re on the go… pretty much anytime you need it.


Select Your Cleanser Wisely

Not just any cleanser will do the best job on aging skin. Choose one that will not dry the skin out or leave behind a residue. The 3 in One Fresh Cleanser aims to do the work of three products: cleanser, makeup remover, and toner in one easy, nourishing step.


Be Mindful of What Goes on Your Skin

Choosing your skincare and cosmetics with care is super important. Opt for proven ingredients that are gentle and effective. Not just any “anti-aging” products will suffice. Here at Jennifer Bradley, this is one of our underlying premises. We offer products that not only contain the purest, scientifically proven ingredients to nourish the skin, but we are also dedicated to using ample quantities of active ingredients so your skin can truly benefit from them. Above all, learn what your individual skin needs and nurture it.


Aim For Naturally Beautiful Skin Without Overdoing the Makeup

This is one of our primary focuses here at Jennifer Bradley. Cosmetics are great, but they should be used to accentuate your natural beauty, not mask it. By taking care of your skin with the right products and treatments, you can attain radiant, beautiful skin at any age. Then, use makeup to enhance your gorgeous face.


Treat Your Skin to the Best Products

Don’t settle for mediocre products and active ingredients that provide no real results. Our Best DNA Repair Cream is the most luscious, luxurious cream available on the market. This is not just boasting, you need to try it yourself to experience its wonders! This cream is enriched with crushed pearls, hyaluronic acid, and the powerful protein, telomerase. This particular ingredient has been shown through scientific research to lengthen telomeres, to repair DNA associated with the aging of skin. When telomeres are healthy, cells react to produce regenerated skin, prolonging the skin’s aging process.


Looking Your Best at every Age

One last beauty tip: above all, embrace your own, unique, natural beauty! Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics products have been created to help your skin look amazing while using only the best ingredients that drive results. There truly is no magical way to stop aging, but with the right care, you can definitely make it move slower. Glow on, my friends!

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Jennifer Bradley, thank you for making this line of cosmetics, skin and hair care products. I never meet a stranger and would love to grow along with you on your quest of Making all women love the skin we have. I am placing another order today, cant wait to try all the other wonderful products your offering now. Thanks Jennifer. You have made turning 60, not so bad. Thanks, Joyce G. Henley

Joyce Henley

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