Time Freeze Max: The Secret to Moisture-Retention that Actually Works for Beautiful Skin (Hyaluronic Acid)

Time Freeze Max: The Secret to Moisture-Retention that Actually Works for Beautiful Skin (Hyaluronic Acid)

Hi Wonderful People!

Let’s talk about “aging gracefully.” That’s an elephant in the room for most of us, isn’t it? (Ehem. . .)

What does “aging gracefully” mean really? With news stories of people in Okinawa that live well into their hundreds, celebrities that look twelve when they’re 50, and other people that look like something the cat drug in at a way younger age, what are the secrets of the eternally young?

What’s the mystical elixir you can find at some place like Ponce de Leon did when he explored Florida’s Punta Gorda, later calling it the “fountain of youth.” Does something like this actually exist?

While the SAD diet and habits we have in the West seem to make us look and feel older than even our actual age, what do we do to look our best with so many varying examples of what “older age” looks like?

From a beauty and health perspective at least one of the answers to that question is pretty obvious to me, and it comes in the form of Time Freeze Max.

That’s why today I want to talk to you about hyaluronic acid (HA), one of the main ingredients in my Time Freeze Max super-moisturizing serum. If you’re looking for an alternative to a face lift, you’ve come to the right place.

No other biological substance can retain as much water as hyaluronic acid in your skin tissues. This is how Time Freeze Max helps to increase the smoothness, softness, and wrinkle-free appearance of your skin.

Yes, we all know that as we age, we get wiser, and our faces show the “map of our lives,” but let’s get real. You are a person (and an amazing one) and not an age but who wants to look old before their time?

I mean, age is completely a state of mind, and the reflection of your inner beauty. Check out this woman who still looks like a teenager at the age of 49.

Time Freeze Max Before and after fashion designer Liu Yelin


Fashion Designer Liu Yelin (Image: EliteReaders.com)

Maybe we can’t all look this young but we can certainly look amazing for a very long time – into our 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and even all the way into our 90s. You can look amazing when your life is just getting started, and you have no idea that there even is a ma for your life, and well into your mature years when your beauty is more about what you’ve accomplished, who you’ve loved, and how you’ve been able to leave the world a better place than before you were in it.

But . . . let’s not pretend that we can make amazing strides to feel and look youthful.

I mean, this is a 72-year-old woman doing weighted sit-ups in the gym. Talk about staying committed to health and beauty!

As the sultry poet Anais Nin put it, “Age does not protect you from love, but love does protect you from age.”

Eating healthy organic foods, getting plenty of sleep, doing a regular detox, reducing our stress levels, working out, and laughing as often as possible and loving as hard as you can are the FIRST line of action in combating the outer signs of aging. . .

But hyaluronic acid is one of the most important products to help you achieve a youthful appearance after you’ve done all the healthy living and loving you can.


Hyaluronic acid is world-renown for its ability to:

  • Deeply moisturize the connective tissues that form your skin
  • Stimulates the production of collagen in skin
  • Work as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Maintain skin elasticity
  • Abolish wrinkles, crow’s feet, smile lines, brown spots (age spots)
  • Reverse dermatitis (dry, irritated skin)
  • Heal wounds faster by regulating inflammation levels
  • Reduce acne since it is a natural antibacterial and can prevent infections of the skin
  • Help to reduce pain in joints by helping to “cushion” them
  • Soothe acid reflux (when taken as a supplement)
  • Relieve dry eyes (when used in eye drops)
  • Increase bone health by improving activity of osteoblasts, the cells that build new bones
  • Alleviating bladder pain due to damaged tissues 
Time Freeze Max face-elderly-woman-wrinkles-before-and-after

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits (Packed into Time Freeze Max
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate can hold 1000 times its weight in water. This is why it is such a phenomenal ingredient and is in so many moisturizers and serums. Jennifer Bradley’s Time Freeze Max contains some of the highest levels of hyaluronic acid on the market. 
“While freezing-cold weather does skin no favors, and going from your warm office, apartment, or house into the cold (then back) isn’t helping, there is some good news: There are now more products than ever that work to replenish dry skin. And there’s one all-star ingredient in particular that gets the job done: hyaluronic acid.” – Glamor Magazine 
HA is just as important as collagen for the health and appearance of your skin.

Why Your Pricey Moisturizer Doesn’t Seem to Work (You Need a Hyaluronic Acid Serum)

That’s because in its pure form, it’s a bit pricey, so even though beauty product manufacturers put it in everything from hand creams, serums, moisturizers, cleansers, body creams, under-eye creams, and you name it – they’ll just put a smidge because they know it’s a well-known, go-to-ingredient in the beauty biz that actually works.  It’s also used in injectable fillers because it holds so much moisture. 
I don’t like to skimp on the good stuff in my products though, so Jennifer Bradley’s Time Freeze Max contains enough hyaluronic acid to actually plump your skin and help “fill in” wrinkles. 
It’s one of the reasons that celebrities can post picture after picture of their bathroom selfies looking 5, 10 and even 15 years younger than their actual ages. I guarantee you, your favorite celebrity knows about Hyaluronic Acid.
How Hyaluronic Acid Does its Job: Creating Smooth, Flawless, Wrinkle-Free and Blemish-Free Skin
Time Freeze Max wrinkles-elderly-woman-face-before-and-after
O.k. We need to interject some information for a moment thus the Bill Nye the Science Guy part of your beauty lesson today. If you don’t really care how hyaluronic acid works, and you just want it in a serum that actually works, you can just order it right now, here.  If you want to be convinced as to why Time Freeze Max is one of the best hyaluronic acid products on the market, read on.
Hyaluronic acid plays a critical and varied role in your overall health. It is directly linked to cell division and movement, is a chief component in your synovial fluid – the fluid that allows your joints to move when you do Zumba, Salsa or Yoga, and even coats your cells. It also plays a large role in your immune system. 
In scientific terms, hyaluronic acid is a sugar. It’s a glycosaminoglycan. These are chiefly components of your connective tissues in your body. It is also a polysaccharide. 
This matters to you because all glycosaminoglycans are highly polar and attract water. It’s great if something can hold 1000 times its weight in water, but it also attracts it like a magnet. 
That means when the repeating units of amino acids containing both an amino sugar and the uronic sugar molecules line up, they become amazingly efficient lubricants and shock absorbers for the connective tissues in your face, your neck, and other parts of your body.  
Time Freeze Max skin-aging-difference-skin-young-elderly
When you are younger, about 50% of your natural HA levels are in the skin. As you grow older, however, this amazing moisture-retaining acid starts to redistribute to other parts of the body in an effort to keep your organs, tissues and bones healthy.
The average person has around 15 g of hyaluronic acid in their body, and about 1/3 of it is degraded each day.

How to Get More Hyaluronic Acid with Your Diet

 Time Freeze Max how to get more HA
As your body slows its own production of natural HA, you can help to retain more of it by eating certain plant-based foods. These include:
Root vegetables like sweet potatoes, jicama, and Jerusalem artichoke. Research suggests that these foods may increase HA production in the body, and they are also full of other important vitamins and minerals like potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin A, and vitamin C. You can also take supplements like Astragalus root which is also an awesome adaptogen used in Ayurvedic medicine to combat stress (another thing that causes wrinkles!) 
Citrus fruits that contain naringenin can help inhibit the breakdown of hyaluronic acid. These include oranges, grapefruits tomatoes and bananas. Snack on these often to help boost HA levels from within. 
Leafy greens, nuts, and seeds contain high levels of magnesium which is a catalyst for hyaluronic acid production in your body. Try to eat kale, spinach, collards, Brussels Sprouts, and other leafy greens. Also add seeds and nuts to your snack bowl. 

Hyaluronic Acid as the Best Humectant (Moisture-Retainer)


Time Freeze Max uses the hyaluronic acid function as it was designed by Mother Nature – to suck moisture into your face and neck, and keep it there. The plumping and moisturizing qualities of the Time Freeze Max serum are best utilized underneath a proper moisturizer because your skin will already be “primed” to retain moisture. 
Also, since hyaluronic acid is already produced by your own body, it is often not as irritating to the skin as other ingredients might be. 
It was discovered as a moisture-retainer in 1934 by Karl Meyer and John Palmer at Columbia University. Meyer was an unlikely beauty product promoter, as he was a medical chemist more concerned with finding cures for disease. It was just after Meyer was drafted into the German army during WWI, and enrolled in medical school at the University of Cologne receiving his M.D. degree in 1924, that he stumbled on hyaluronic acid and it’s amazing properties at Columbia. 
HA became so powerful as an anti-aging substance that Italian pharmaceutical companies started making medical grade versions in the 1960s, but it didn’t gain its current popularity until the 1980s when a Japanese reporter visited the village of Yuzuri Hara and observed that both men and women in their 80s and 90s had smooth, wrinkle-free skin, all their hair, clear eyes, and flexible joints. 
It was later found that hyaluronic acid production was supported by their diets contributed to their youthful appearance. 

Topical Hyaluronic Acid

Another thing to note about hyaluronic acid is that when it is applied topically as in TIME FREEZE MAX, the molecule size is rather large. This means that only some of the product is going to sink into your skin – but that’s o.k. 
This is another reason that I make sure to have a large enough quantity of HA in TIME FREEZE MAX and it is also in the form of because only some of it – no matter what you do, or add to it – is going to absorb into your skin with one application. Over time, however, you can continue to use my hyaluronic acid serum to continue to improve the moisturization of your skin’s tissues. 
Hyaluronic Acid also has an incredible turn-over rate within your own body. In the blood it lasts 3 to 5 minutes, and in our skin it stays about 1 to 3 weeks in cartilage and other tissues. This is why you can’t just put it on for a day, and expect it to solve all your moisture-woes. It may be able to retain 1000 times its molecular body weight in moisture, but only for so long. A new application of HA is necessary to retain that plumped-up, wrinkle-free look. 
My TIME FREEZE MAX will last you about 3 months so you won’t have to worry about running out before you can order more. Your skin will stay plump, soft, and moisturized especially when you use it with Clearly Younger Moisturizer (Goddessy Cream) containing retinol which also helps to rejuvenate multiple layers of your skin. 

Why Some People Still Experience Dryness Even After Using Hyaluronic Acid Serums

Hyaluronic acid depends on the environment because it sucks moisture from the environment and into your skin. This means that if you are going to be in a very dry area like Nevada or a Saudi Arabian desert, the HA can’t draw enough water molecules from the air and into your pores.  
In order to overcome this challenge, as it is a fundamental property of the molecule, you can start using it prior to being in an arid environment (like on a long flight) so that your skin molecules are plumped and moisturized PRIOR to being exposed to unfavorable weather conditions or environmental conditions. 
You can also apply TIME FREEZE MAX right after you shower, when there is plenty of humidity in the air so that the hyaluronic acid serum can draw moisture directly into your skin’s pores. 
If you live in a very dry, arid climate, you may also want to invest in small humidifier to keep in your bathroom and use it to expose your skin to humidity before applying the serum. 

Is Hyaluronic Acid Good For Acne Treatment?

Hyaluronic acid is great for treating acne because dry skin is more prone to breakouts. Why? 
Most people think of oily skin when they think of break-outs, but when skin is irritated, dry, cracked, or has open wounds, tiny bacteria and pathogens find their way into our pores. This causes acne. 
The dryness also causes make-up, dirt, and sebum (the natural oils that your skin makes) to clog the pores. This causes acne, too.
Dry skin is usually damaged skin. We just get so used to having it that we don’t think of it in this way. When your skin is begging for moisture it starts to show signs. Acne, not just wrinkles are one of the big signs of distress. Your skin is saying, “Hey you, I need some moisture here. Can you get me a drink of water?!”
A hyaluronic acid serum like my TIME FREEZE MAX can help give your skin that bid drink of water that it so desperately needs. 

Is Hyaluronic Acid Good For Oily Skin?

A quality hyaluronic acid serum like my TIME FREEZE MAX is very light and airy. It doesn’t irritate your skin while providing a very gently moisturizing effect. It doesn’t clog your pores or add any more oil to skin that is already prone to being oily. 
Ironically, if you have oily skin, you may need more healthy fats or oils in your diet, too. Try eating foods like avocados, hemp seeds, flax seeds, coconuts and Walnuts, and try a Sacha Inchi-derived, balanced Omega 3, 6, 9 supplement to help reduce oil-prone skin and break-outs. 
“Hyaluronic acid is best applied as a serum or
 a hydrating cream,
left on the skin to penetrate and plump.”  – British Vogue 

Is Hyaluronic Acid Good For Super Dry Skin?

Time Freeze Max hyaluronic acid good for dry skin
Because of its ability to retain moisture in your skin, my hyaluronic acid filled serum TIME FREEZE MAX is an amazing way to treat tired, dry, irritated skin. Put it on fresh out the shower. Let it sink it for a moment or two, then add your regular moisturizer. They great thing about this regime is that your skin will feel so moisturized and plum that your makeup goes on like a dream. It’s like a $1000-dollar primer, only all you’ve done is restore the moisture in your skin. 
There’s a Lot of Hype Around Hyaluronic Acid But Does It Really Work?
If you know how to use hyaluronic acid in the right way, there is no question that it works. I understand. There’s always some “magic” ingredient promoted by the beauty industry and they don’t always work. I completely feel your pain and frustration. 
If I just put a dollar in an interest-bearing account for every crappy product I ever bought all those years I was doing makeup for thousands of people, then I’d be a multi-millionaire by now. 
Korean beauty products are a perfect example. Don’t get me wrong there are some amazing products coming out of Asia, but so many of them are sold on the coattails of bubble tea, gummy bears, pandas and cartoon anime. 
There is a lot of hype around hyaluronic acid but it has scientifically validated results. 
“Although hyaluronic acid (HA) has 'acid' in its name, it has none of the exfoliating properties associated with other cosmetic acids. A natural humectant, HA is the most superior skincare ingredient in terms of its ability to draw in water and hold it in the skin.” – Harper’s Bazaar 
Here’s the Thing. . . You Can Spend $300 or MORE on a Serum That Doesn’t Work . . . 
But I have testimonial after testimonial from friends and clients who have used TIME FREEZE MAX And swear by it. Why spend $300, $500, $1200 on serums that don’t deliver? I guess if you really like the fancy packaging, you can spend that much, and then use the box like a paperweight when you’ve used it for a week and see absolutely no difference in your skin.
I tried products that were so incredibly disappointing for years - -that’s why the Jennifer Bradley Medical Grade Cosmetics line came into fruition. I was kind of tired of the rip-off products that companies with billion-dollar bottom lines were selling me and my clients. 
Why a Bottle of Hyaluronic Acid Serum is Sold Every Single Minute
There’s even a brand, whose name I won’t mention, because it simply isn’t all that, that says it is selling a bottle of their Hyaluronic Acid Serum every minute. WHAT!?!?!
While you were sipping your herbal tea and reading this, or finishing your laundry, or checking emails in the last hour, 60 bottles of hyaluronic acid serum were sold by just one beauty brand. It isn’t the least expensive or even the best. But that’s how much people want something that works!
TIME FREEZE MAX is a pure hyaluronic gel hydrating serum that will fill in your wrinkles and lines with pure hydration, hold it firmly into your skin cells, tighten them, and create a healthier, smoother appearance for your skin.
My clients say, “It made my crow’s feet go away,” or “This completely transformed my skin,” and “Fine lines – gone. OMG. This stuff is amazing.”
You Can Also Spend $20 or LESS on a Serum That Doesn’t Work . . . 
You could also spend a lot less on a hyaluronic acid cream, serum or moisturizing product. I’ve seen them at drug stores for as little as $12.99, but they simply don’t contain a high enough concentration to work very well. 
I created TIME FREEZE MAX with enough hyaluronic acid to be both affordable and effective. After all. We can try 10 different $12.99 products or a couple too-expensive ones with the same results and waste similar amounts of cold hard cash. NO THANK YOU!
Why not just get what works, the first time?
That’s my new motto. Get it done. But get it done right. If you want a quality hyaluronic acid serum that isn’t going to cost you one week’s paycheck, then you really need to give TIME FREEZE MAX a try. 
“If there's one ingredient your skincare routine shouldn't be without, it's hyaluronic acid.” – Elle Magazine
My TIME FREEZE MAX contains a hyaluronic acid that has a molecular weight that is most easily absorbed by your skin. It stockpiles moisture so that your skin can look plump, fresh and wrinkle-free for a longer time-period. 
Hyaluronic acid has six varying molecular weights, resulting in different sized molecules. Some of those molecules absorb more easily into the outer layer of your skin, resulting in that “plump, fresh” look everyone is after. 

How to Use Time Freeze Max with Hyaluronic Acid to Get The Best Skin of Your Life

The beautiful thing about hyaluronic acid is that you don't have to have it injected into your skin to get results. Simply use it UNDERNEATH YOUR MOISTURIZER cream or serum. This will plump your skin, then allow more of your moisturizer to absorb into your skin’s outer layer, and then primes your face for easy and flawless make-up application.  Here are 3 tips to remember when using TIME FREEZE MAX to get the most out of it:
Apply in a humid or moisture-rich environment. (After the shower or if you live in an arid, dry climate, after exposing your skin to a few minutes under a humidifier).
Apply BEFORE you do any other step in your morning make-up routine and underneath your moisturizer (like Jennifer Bradley’s Goddessy cream). 
Apply often. Since Hyaluronic Acid only lasts in your own tissues for a few weeks at a time, be sure to use it daily to ensure your skin stays plump and wrinkle-free. If you’d be interested in an auto-renew subscription to TIME FREEZE MAX, then let me know at my Facebook Page. (I might be able to work something out for you so that you are never without this amazing product!)
TRY TIME FREEZE MAX with high-dose hyaluronic acid TODAY and get a 15% discount by using the code MOISTURE at check-out. Buy 3 and get a 25% discount by using the code MOSITURE3.
I also love hearing about your success stories on Facebook. Tell me howTIME FREEZE MAX changed your skin. I want to know all of it – the acne stories, your experience with getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines, and curing super-dry and irritated skin. Your story is likely going to resonate with someone else, and you can help them to stop suffering from these very same issues. Let’s help each other out ladies!
I’m also running a FACEBOOK-only promotion for a limited time. 
Post a picture of yourself with a bottle of TIME FREEZE MAX onFacebook by March 20th, and tag it with #JenniferBradleyMoistureMaker and get 10% off your next order of ANYTHING on my entire site.

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I will absolutely post a picture and tag on FB. TFM has changed my skin completely! I use it after your cleanser and roses and rubies spray. A little goes a long way! After applying, I use Best DNA! I absolutely hated applying makeup before because I had huge pores and it just didn’t go on smooth at all! Now my pores have drastically reduced, my fine lines have diminished and my face is glowing! I will be a customer for life!

Elizabeth Stone

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