The Quickest & Easiest Makeup Routine for When you’re in a Rush

The Quickest & Easiest Makeup Routine for When you’re in a Rush

We've all been there. We oversleep, hit the snooze button or forget to set the alarm altogether. The next thing you know, you have five minutes to fly through your makeup routine unless you want to forego it completely. We're going to give you an easy makeup routine that takes you five minutes from start to finish so you can leave the house looking fabulous. 

Step One - Skin Prep: Two Minutes 

The first thing you want to do is clean and moisturize your face before you apply the next layers. This will give you a clean canvas to work with. You have two options: 

  1. Primer - Some women think they can get away with wearing just a primer underneath their  foundation and concealer. Women are constantly sold on this concept of "pore refining primers", but I do not recommend using primers, since oftentimes that pore refining primer is what is actually causing you to have larger pores in the first place. Instead, use a serum like the Time Freeze Max to get your skin more hydrated and smooth, then follow with a fabulous moisturizer for YOUR SKIN TYPE like the Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer if you have normal to combination or acne prone skin. This moisturizer will give a bit of slip without being oily, and the ingredients are created specifically to keep skin clear from breakouts as well as keep skin looking smoother, younger. If you have more dry, sensitive skin, that is more prone to rosacea, apply the Cooling Moisture Serum after the Time Freeze Max as a base for the rest of your makeup. This will ensure a smooth surface before you apply your makeup.
  2. HOW DO WE "COVER UP" WRINKLES WITH OUR MAKEUP, YOU ASK? The answer is quite simple. Nothing, no makeup ever is going to cover up lines and wrinkles. You have to allow SKINCARE to do its work with your skin to create an even "foundation" for which to apply the foundation. Makeup is only supposed to add color, so that is why this step is so important if you are looking to age gracefully.  If your skin is particularly dry, aging, seeing signs of lines/wrinkles, you should add one more layer of moisturizer with the Best DNA Repair Cream. How to layer the products? Start with the Time Freeze Max, all over face, under eyes, on neck in a thin layer, followed by a very thin layer of Best DNA Repair Cream all over face in thin layer under eyes, on face, neck, then use Clearly Younger Moisturizer to seal it in if your skin is more normal/combination or acne prone, or use the Cooling Moisture Serum to seal it in if you have more sensitive, dry, rosacea skin type. 
  3. Cover your entire face with MOISTURIZER, not a slimy primer, if you are using our foundation. How you prep your skin before applying your makeup is ESSENTIAL to proper makeup application. 
  4. Foundation/Concealer.  Apply your Camera Ready Foundation  with a brush or a sponge, if you prefer it, although I prefer a very teeny tiny amount applied with a brush.  I love both the Long Handled Flat Top Brush or the Supreme Kabuki Brush or even better, grab one of our Best Brush Sets for best application. To brighten up your complexion under your eyes, you can layer more of the 4 in One Camera Ready Makeup in the same color, or if you have more to conceal on your skin, simply dab a touch more of the foundation on anything you want to conceal with a concealer brush or clean fingertips. Watch your blemishes and red spots simply disappear! 
  5. A LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG WAY. Do not be heavy handed with the makeup, do not scoop the product. Less is more, and you want your skin to breathe! My foundations have a lot of pigment, and do not require a heavy hand to get incredible coverage. 
  6. If you have very dark circles underneath eyes, and want to really conceal more under the eyes, simply get the 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation in a shade lighter than what you are wearing to brighten up under eyes. Example, I wear a #4 in the Camera Ready. If I have dark circles, and I want to brighten up under eyes, I use the #3 in the Camera Ready Makeup. If you do not know your foundation shade, simply open up the chatbox right here on this page and we can match you GUARANTEED simply by asking a few questions and looking at some photos. :)

Step Two - Eyelids: One Minute 

You can quickly enhance your eyes with a few light swipes of makeup. 

  1. Eyeliner - Put a small amount of eyeliner in the outer corner of your eye with a small uptick motion to enhance them. Black works well for light skin tones and purple looks beautiful on darker skin tones. If you have 30 seconds, apply a shadow of your choice to brighten up your eyes. 

Step Three - Eyelashes: One Minute 

Further define your eyes in just under a minute using: 

  1. Mascara - Having a very black mascara  is a must for all skin tones. Apply a quick swipe to your eyelashes after you curl them for the maximum effect. You'll get full and dark lashes to enhance your eyes. 

Step Four - Cheeks: 30 Seconds

Adding a small amount of blush to your face can enhance your cheekbones and frame your face. 

  1. Blush - Smile and apply a thin layer of cream blush like the Cheeky Multiple Tint for more long lasting wear to the apples of your cheeks. Concentrate on the high edge of your cheekbones and blend the blush out. One of the best features of the Cheeky is that you can also use it as lip color or eyecolor as well!  Too much blush will age you though, so use a light hand. If you don't prefer cream blush, powder blush is also a great option.

Step Five - Lips: 15 - 30 Seconds

Finish your quick makeup routine with a gloss or lipstick to plump up your lips and finish framing your face. A sheer or lighter lipstick takes less time to apply, and it tends to make people look younger versus the effect of darker lipstick. If you have time, a lip pencil can make your lips appear fuller. 

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