The Gift of Healthier, Younger Skin

The Gift of Healthier, Younger Skin

It’s the holiday season and we are celebrating! If you’re looking for the perfect gifts to give this year, look no further. Of all the amazing gifts out there, there’s nothing you can give that beats beautiful skin. Healthier, younger, more radiant skin! So read on for our holiday gift guide, for all the best products you can give to the ones you love the most.


Gifts For the Women in Your Life

For the ladies, we highly recommend our kits because most women appreciate a regimen that targets specific goals. Here are our top gifts for women:


The Best Face Forward Starter Kit: The best value and the best products; giving this kit is like the gift of true love! It includes a range of products that were designed to target aging; both for prevention and reversing it. This starter kit includes Time Freeze Max, a moisturizer, one treatment, a cleanser, and a foundation, where you choose the specific package for skin type.


The Pore Refiner: This kit works to refine pores or heal sensitive, dry, or acne-prone skin. It is a fantastic, medically-formulated kit that targets specific challenges while also delivering powerful results, available for 6 different skin types. It’s an excellent gift for just about anyone!


The Lush Hydration Kit: Bring on the moisture! This kit promises an oasis of nourishment for all skin types, and most importantly, anyone seeking powerful, life-changing hydration. It includes five of our most sought-after products and is an incredible value, saving over $100 of the retail price!


Gifts For the Men in Your Life

Men want great skin too! Most guys, however, prefer simple methods to achieve it, without a lot of steps. Here are our top pics for men:


The Gentlemen's Skincare Kit for Younger Looking Skin: Designed and curated just for the guys, this kit is everything every man needs for gorgeous, ageless skin. What’s especially awesome about this kit is that you get to choose your package so it works specifically for his skin type. Included is one cleanser, one moisturizer, one treatment, and Time Freeze Max. For the value of an entire skincare collection, you cannot give a better gift than this! 


Cooling Moisture Serum: Like a cool, hydrating breeze, this serum needs to be in every guy’s arsenal. Ideal for use after shaving, it helps combat red bumps, ingrown hair, and rosacea. It works as a skin-soothing primer and reduces redness and irritation for a lovely, radiant complexion. It delivers ultra-hydrating moisture in a non-greasy, non-irritating formula, with anti-inflammatory properties.


Time Freeze Max: As the name says, this formula was developed to freeze time and renew your skin like nothing else. It works to hydrate the skin, deliver powerful anti-aging action, and nourish deep lines for firmer, smoother, more radiant skin. It includes robust peptides, hyaluronic acid, and highly concentrated Matrixyl for real results. This is literally one of the most advanced skin care products available and it is one of the best gifts you can give! 


The Best Gift For Everyone

Not sure what to give? A gift card is the simplest way to give anyone a gift they’ll love! If you’re not quite sure what to choose, or you know they are already a Jennifer Bradley customer, a gift card allows them to get just what they want while also showing you put thought and effort in. 


Happy Holidays and Happy Gifting!

The 2021 holiday season is upon us, and we really do believe there is no better gift than gorgeous, youthful, healthy skin! Of course, feel free to reach out to our team if you have any specific questions you need to be answered when shopping; we’re here to help. Give your loved ones what they really want and feel great doing it. 

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