The Beauty Products You Need in 2022

The Beauty Products You Need in 2022

2022 is coming in hot and we’ve got the lowdown on all the products you need to look and feel your best. Here are the top beauty trends we’re seeing going on and which products we feel can help you achieve that perfect look. 


Moisture is Your BFF

Seasonal changes, environmental concerns, premature aging; so many of our challenges are related to having adequate moisture and the right kind of moisture for our skin type. 


Our picks: Time Freeze Max and Best DNA Cream as moisturizers are as powerful and as potent as it gets. These formulas were designed for powerful results and they deliver moisture without grease.


Get Down with Skinimalism

With Skinimalism becoming the latest obsession, having gorgeous skin is the goal. We’ve all seen the social media trends emphasizing achieving the look of perfect skin through artfully applied makeup. However, even if we filter our very existence, this just isn’t enough because it’s not real life. Skinimalism is about achieving gorgeous skin without or before makeup, and lucky for you, this is what our whole line was designed for. 


To perfect your skin’s natural look, we encourage you to have a very regimented morning and nightly skin routine, along with a natural-looking, gentle foundation with sun protection. Jennifer Bradley’s 3 in One Fresh Cleanser is perfect for combination or oily skin types, and it not only cleans, but it removes makeup, tones, refines pores, and does it all in one step. Our Coconut Cream Cleanser is our solution for dry or mature skin, delivering a truly clean feeling without residue or stripping the skin.


Our 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation is ideal for creating a perfect-skin, no-makeup look, and it includes environmentally-safe sun protection. 


Say Goodbye to Lines

Science and technology are pretty awesome and many of our products have been engineered to combat fine lines and wrinkles using the most advanced, scientifically-researched ingredients. Our products contain ample amounts of active ingredients, such as peptides and Matrixyl, to deliver powerful results. 


Also, to really zero in on your moisture, taking care of your skin at night is really important. Our Luminosity Creme and Oxygen Plasma Mask are incredible for powering your skin up during your most restful repair periods. Luminosity Creme works as a powerful line filler for your skin’s surface. The Oxygen Plasma Mask is made of pure hyaluronic acid gel, and it amps up your skin’s elastin levels and decreases wrinkles and fine lines.


Beautifully Defined Eyes

Beauty trends always play up the eyes and the past few years saw some incredibly dramatic looks that really emphasized the eyes with bold brows and mega lashes. These trends aren’t really fading away, but we see them evolving in a softer direction. 


Our natural pro cosmetics and professional line of vegan brushes are the keys to executing flawless looks. These are some of the best-kept secrets of professional makeup artists, essential for having your makeup always looking on-point. We highly recommend our Pure Mineral Pigments for your eyes, along with the Best Smudgy Eyeliner Pencil.


2022 is right upon us and we want you looking your very best in the new year. New year, new you, right? Well, if you’re thinking of committing to taking care of yourself, investing in your own, well-deserving self-care, or you would just like to get a head start in assessing your own beauty needs, here at Jennifer Bradley, we have everything you need! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, beautiful fam!

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