Plant Small RNA Technology: The Meeting of Scientific Technology & Beauty

Plant Small RNA Technology: The Meeting of Scientific Technology & Beauty


Here at Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics, one of the foundations of our brand is our dedication to using the latest scientific research and developments to create our products. We are not just about clean ingredients and creating solutions; we are all about the science that backs it up. Additionally, we are also big on ensuring our products use substantial quantities of these scientifically proven active ingredients, because what’s the point if there isn’t enough of the ingredient to actually make a difference?


Our Power Lies in Our Ingredients

With this premise in mind, we would like to share some info about one of our most profound ingredients used in one of our signature formulas: Plant Small RNA Technology. We use this powerful ingredient in our Roses and Rubies Hydration Spray. This product took several years to develop and it contains some of the most innovative ingredients available on the market. Roses and Rubies is known and loved for its delivery of instant effects and long-lasting, breath-taking results, unlike any other hydration spray available.


What is Plant Small RNA Technology?

Plant Small RNA Technology is a revolutionary skincare ingredient that hails from Japan and is patented for its unique abilities. Small RNAs are inherent to the development of many flowers, providing protection against various environmental factors such as disease. Roses in particular contain rich quantities of small RNAs that provide healing properties.


Plant Small RNA Technology is entirely natural and sustainable, involves no chemical or toxic byproducts, and has minimal environmental impact. It is FDA-approved and is known to have efficacy in empowering the skin to self-repair, restoring the skin’s overall integrity. This means the skin can achieve a stunning, flawless appearance all on its own, by driving its own self-regeneration.


Furthermore, Plant Small RNA Technology uses a remarkable 3D network structure from cellulose fiber gel, which holds moisture powerfully. This works to provide intense, lasting hydration to the skin, for exceptional results. Pretty wild, right?


More About Roses and Rubies Hydra Spray

Roses and Rubies is one of the most unique skincare products ever created, using an intelligent basis that includes the latest scientific breakthroughs in skin care, combined with ancient wisdom for achieving gorgeous results.


This formula pairs Plant Small RNA Technology with the healing, nourishing, and hydrating powers of rose water and crushed pearl. These ingredients have been revered since the days of Ancient Egypt when they were exclusively used in beauty rituals by royal families.


We derive our 100% natural rose water ingredients from the Rosa Centifolia Flower, which is grown and sourced in the South of France. Known as the flower of “eternal beauty,” few natural compounds are as nourishing or as luxurious as the gentle power of these roses. The addition of crushed pearls and rubies helps with binding the hydration of the product to the skin, healing while it hydrates, soothes, and refreshes.


How We Use Roses and Rubies

The power of Plant Small RNA Technology paired with roses, rubies, and pearls is exceptional for all skin types, and it is especially effective for sensitive skin in need of protection and repair. It works to hydrate all skin types, including those with challenges such as rosacea or redness, without causing irritation or making your skin shiny. You can use this hydration mist before or after you apply makeup to lock moisture in. The end result is radiant, hydrated skin, along with an even complexion.


To learn more and to purchase this incredible formula, enriched with the power of Plant Small RNA Technology, head over to today!

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