Never Sticky Moisture Gloss: For the Most Kissable Lips Ever

Never Sticky Moisture Gloss: For the Most Kissable Lips Ever


Your lips are a big deal. While the eyes may be “the window to your soul,” your lips speak your truth, express your happiness, and tempt your admirers to dream of the chance to kiss you! They should always be alluring, but never sticky. If you’re looking for the ultimate lip gloss/ lip balm product, your search ends here, right now. Jennifer Bradley Never Sticky Moisture Gloss is the ultimate product for your lips. This ultra- hydrating gloss doubles as a moisturizer and it feels simply amazing. Available in a range of gorgeous colors, this gloss adds dimension along with a blast of moisture, resulting in a stunning pout. It’s so good, you’re going to want to kiss it!


Lip Service Like Nothing Else

Whether you are prone to chapped lips, or deal with wintertime lip dryness, our moisture gloss has you covered! Like the name says, our Never Sticky Moisture Gloss is truly never sticky. That’s how it was designed and that’s how it works. It goes on exceptionally smooth and provides long-lasting moisture, even better than traditional lip balms. Gorgeous tinted color, crystalline shine, luxurious moisture, a touch of delicious mint flavor; yes, this is the lip product you’ve been waiting for!

Never Sticky Moisture Gloss is a dual-purpose product and once you try it, we’re sure you will adore it as much as we do. As a “moisture gloss” it provides ample moisture, because no one wants dry lips. Imagine the most perfect lip balm, ensuring the silkiest and softest feel - that’s what this product was made to do. Your lips will feel lush, supple, perfectly plump, and so kissable upon using it. We are sure you will swoon over the feeling!


More Than Moisture

However, as much as this product moisturizes, it’s also a serious gloss that will have your pout looking unreal! It was designed to plump your lips, giving them a perfectly juicy look. Seriously - Never Sticky Moisture Gloss was designed to have your lips looking younger, softer, fuller, and happier. Didn’t think your lips could actually look happier? Then you’ve got to try it for yourself!


As a colored gloss, your lips will glow using this product. With its shine properties, this product adds incredible dimension to the lips, and unlike other “plumping” products out there, Never Sticky Moisture Gloss does not irritate. Best of all, it’s never sticky!

Customers report how great their lips feel, between the silky-smoothness and the lush moisture, as well as how gorgeous and plump their pouts look when using it.


How to Use Never Sticky Moisture Gloss

This is a super versatile lip product that allows lots of freedom in how you use it. On its own as a moisture/ lip tint/ gloss, over lipstick to bring on the shimmer and shine, or with lip liner for a uniquely defined look, there are so many ways to play up your lips with our moisture gloss.


Available in eight stunning colors: Liquid Gold, Liquid Bronze, Mimosa, Rose Water, Diamond Dust, Lillie Shimmer, Strawberry Fields, and Not Your Baby, we’re sure you will love them all. Designed to provide a subtle touch of color and shine, they work beautifully with all skin tones!


Lip gloss is one of those beauty products that no one should live without. Sure, you can get by without it, by why would you want to? Jennifer Bradley’s Never Sticky Moisture Gloss is a one-of-a-kind product and you really do have to try it to believe it! Head on over to today and explore the luscious options to make your pout extra kissable today!

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