My Invitation to Connect On Facebook!

My Invitation to Connect On Facebook!


I really love connecting with my customers. Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics is so much more than a line of products. I am proud to have created a community of skincare and beauty enthusiasts who not only love pure, medical-grade, cruelty-free skincare and cosmetics but also love connecting with me and everyone else in our tribe. One of the foundational platforms that have allowed me to build lasting relationships with my customers has been Facebook, which I think is incredible for building community and keeping us all connected. 


Hang With Us on Facebook

Facebook isn’t just a way to send out daily sweet-nothings or promotions; we use it as a seriously innovative way to communicate with our people. We offer advice, directly converse with customers, answer questions, and so much more. We often host giveaways where customers have the chance to win products and jewels. Sometimes I post personal tidbits about my life, company news, and highlight different products. Sometimes, I feature customers’ experiences and their reviews of the products and what they have achieved since starting with them. Overall, Facebook is a really fun place to hang out if you’re a Jennifer Bradley customer or fan. We keep it light, educational, and always entertaining! 


Live on the Air

The other amazing reason to be connected to our community on Facebook is that every Tuesday, I go live! These sessions are all about sharing info, demonstrating how the products work, what you can expect, and so much more! I do makeup tutorials featuring my cosmetics range, showing you how to get a certain look with the exact products I used. During my “lives,” customers are free to chime in as they please, and these conversations are awesome! I love getting feedback, insight, and inquiries… and even better, I love all the inspiration I get from doing these sessions.


I really do enjoy chatting with the community and there are so many great individuals who have converged on this platform. We share info and above all, delight in the widespread love of using products that actually achieve results.



Join Our Facebook Group - JB Beauty Within

Another great way to join in on our online community is our Facebook group called JB Beauty Within! This is an exclusive community (which you are most definitely invited to join) where we share and discuss all things skincare, cosmetics, experiences, reviews, and knowledge. 


Most people who use the Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics line of products have reached their breaking point, after using so many other products without results. My line was medically-developed, to ensure that even those with the most sensitive skin (like me) would be able to use these products and see results. From ultra-clean makeup to the most gentle cleansers, and nourishing moisturizers, these products work like nothing else on the market and my customers are always surprised and delighted by their results. Our Facebook Group is the best place to meet like-minded individuals and share in the experience of revitalizing your skin.



While I am beyond proud of everything I have created, I truly do love being super hands-on with my customers. Facebook has enabled me to build such a close relationship with everyone while maintaining excellent customer service, and legitimately being the face of my brand. I don’t just tout results; I demonstrate them, put them clearly out there for all the world to see firsthand. From the Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics Facebook page, to my weekly live videos, and our Facebook Group, if you’re looking to connect with the brand, I wholeheartedly invite you to do so! 

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