Meet Your New Bestie: Our Best Tubing Mascara

Meet Your New Bestie: Our Best Tubing Mascara

Lashes are one of our best features, wouldn’t you agree? As far as beauty trends go, lashes have been having a serious moment for the past few years and no one is letting this one go any time soon. From making our eyes really pop to enhancing your overall face, bold lashes offer serious drama. And, for many of us, makeup is all about the eyes, so lashes are a major focal point that always deserve attention when cultivating a look!


So, what happens when lash extensions, false lashes, and even standard waterproof mascara are too much for your precious eyes? You can either be sad by your less-than- stellar results… or you can get overjoyed with Jennifer Bradley’s latest product! Lovelies, we would like to introduce you to our very amazing Best Tubing Mascara.


Mascara… Tubing... What?

Tubing mascara literally coats each one of your gorgeous lashes within a tube, to enhance their length and thickness, while curling them without damaging them. What you get with just a few sweeps of this magical mascara is longer, thicker, fuller, more dramatic lashes in an instant! Our tubing mascara goes even beyond this, because it was made to promote lash strength and growth as well, so you do no harm while accentuating your eyes. Best of all though, this product was made to last all day without running or smearing and can be removed with just a little water or our 3 in One Fresh Cleanser. No heavy or harsh makeup removers are required! Simply moisten and massage the area around your lash line, and the tube will easily fall off your lashes. No irritation, no chemicals, and it is made especially for sensitive eyes.


The Story Behind This Product

Like many women, Jennifer’s beauty journey has been filled with all sorts of adventures and one area she has always encountered issues with is lashes. False lashes didn’t quite have the effect she was hoping for, and then to make matters worse, they made her natural lashes fall out! Scary, right? Luckily, she whipped out her trusty Lash & Brow Serum, which is made to help regrow your lashes and brows, and in just 10 days, all was right in the world of Jennifer’s eyelashes! However, this experience made it really evident a solution was needed for those in her predicament.


The Problems With Most Mascaras

Run-of-the-mill mascaras generally left her looking like a raccoon after a few hours, with an unintentional, smeary smokey-eye. Waterproof mascaras caused her lashes to break, which defeats the purpose because your beauty products should never cause harm or damage! The goal is more luxurious lashes; not broken lashes! So, instead of these situations getting her down, Jennifer saw a serious opportunity to develop a mascara product that actually works and does what it needs to do to keep lashes looking lovely. Most importantly, our Best Tubing Mascara actually nourishes and rejuvenates your natural lashes instead of damaging them. Rejoice, beauty enthusiasts!


Lashes are one of those finishing touches no makeup look is complete without, and if you’re searching for the ultimate mascara, we have you more than covered! Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics has developed the phenomenal Best Tubing Mascara, and we are certain, once you get this good stuff upon your eyelashes, you will be simply blown way! So, head on over to and meet your new best friend!

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