Luminosity: Glow Luminously, Beauties!

Luminosity: Glow Luminously, Beauties!

Everyone loves a healthy glow. You know the kind we’re talking about; never greasy but perfectly supple and moist with the most subtle, light-catching radiance. It’s the complexion we all dream about and hope to achieve without makeup. Firm, healthy, and utterly glowing. Utterly luminous.

With this in mind, a lofty goal was set. And because here at Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics, we really love a challenge, we were determined to make this one a reality. So, with that said, let us introduce you to our Luminosity Ultimate Line Relaxing Creme.


Instantly Glowing Skin

Too many products on the market talk up a storm about their capabilities and then fall short on delivery. Good intentions and poor execution, it seems. Going above and beyond to the root of the issue, we wanted to create a moisturizer that not only soothed and provided hydration but does so with invigorating, rejuvenating abilities. The intention with this product was to deliver a highly-potent, ultra-luxurious formula that makes good on its promise of stellar results. To this extent, there is a range of incredible, scientifically-backed ingredients that have been sourced to produce the most powerful results. 


About Luminosity Ultimate Line Relaxing Creme

Luminosity is a maximum strength moisturizing creme that truly propels your skin into its best form ever, practically instantly. It produces beautiful results such as powerful line filling, line relaxing, and potent collagen-enhancing powers. Who doesn’t want a younger-looking, softer, smoother, and more supple complexion? Everyone’s skin can benefit from that! 


Who Was This Made for?

Luminosity was specially developed for people with sensitive skin. It can be a serious challenge to find products that align with sensitive skin and produce dramatic results without reactions. For this specific reason, this product contains no fragrance, no irritants, and only the purest ingredients for superb action.

The moisture level of this creme is definitely next-level. All skin types can benefit from using Luminosity, which makes it a serious must-have. Through the power of some of the most advanced ingredients, this creme instantly smooths and hydrates the skin at the cellular level. A high concentration of hyaluronic acid delivers rejuvenation immediately, and an innovative, high-concentration peptide complex seeps into the skin upon contact to quickly relax lines and provide natural filling.


How to Use Luminosity for the Best Results

Luminosity creme delivers hyper-radiance while providing long-lasting results. It is an exceptionally luscious moisturizer, and you should notice immediate relief and results. Expect glowing, dewy, supple, youthful skin upon gracing your face with this magic.

Luminosity is a lovely day creme and it works beautifully under our 4 in One Foundation, providing luminous skin repair and moisture. It is best paired with Jennifer Bradley’s Time Freeze Max, an ultra-powerful regenerating moisturizer, which propels its robustness to deliver incredible skin in just 24 hours. No, that is not an exaggeration or over-bloated statement without backing; these products were made to work! 


Conclusion: Radiant Moisture for an Unreal Glow!

For dry skin, sensitive skin, aging skin, and just about any skin that can benefit from powerful, gentle, nourishing moisture, Luminosity is an absolute gem of a product! All the best ingredients, time-reversal powers, and the most radiant glow; your skin is going to thank you! Get yours today at


Before I go to bed I cleanse my face and then I apply the luminosity moisturizer cream on my face and I find it in the morning my face is still glowing and it is really really soft. I love love this product and you will not be disappointed, so give it a try.

Linda Terry

Are use this after I have cleanse my face before I go to bed and I find out when I wake up in the morning I have very very soft skin and it is also glowing. Love the product you can cannot go wrong.

Linda Terry

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