Layering Your Skincare for the Perfect Results

Layering Your Skincare for the Perfect Results


Let’s talk about skincare… specifically, perfecting one’s skincare routine to get the best results from both the products you use and your skin’s response. Using the right products for your skin type and the results you want to achieve is one part of the process. Using these products in the right order, along with how you use them with makeup can make a major difference in how they work and the results you achieve. So read on to learn about how to best layer your products for the best look and best results possible!


Layering Your Skincare

Achieving beautiful skin at any age and at every stage of life is the goal of many, and using the right products is a must. However, it really does make a difference in how you use them, to achieve optimal results. If you intend on using foundation as a base layer for your makeup, it is so important to prepare your skin’s surface properly beforehand.



Ideally, you should start with your cleanser. Choose one that suits your skin type and needs. Here is a breakdown of Jennifer Bradley cleansers:


3 in One Fresh Cleanser: An all-around great cleanser designed for combination or oily skin. This cleanser not only cleans the skin but removes makeup (yes, that includes eye makeup!), without needing a toner afterward. It is refreshing, gentle, and pore refining.


Coconut Cream Cleanser: This creamy, luscious cleanser was created for sensitive, delicate, and dry skin types. It offers superb cleansing most gently, ensuring the skin is never stripped or dried out from over-cleansing. Fragrance-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, our Coconut Cream Cleanser offers balanced cleansing and stunning results.


Therapeutic Serum

Time Freeze Max: This is our specialty serum for attaining supple skin while combatting fine lines and wrinkles. It is ultra-hydrating and made to deliver surgery-like results, just from topical application after only 28 days. It contains the purest hyaluronic acid and the powerful peptide, Matrixyl to tighten and plump the skin. This serum should be used in very small portions, as the tiniest amount will go a long way. It works instantly to begin tightening the skin, and it should be used underneath your moisturizer.



Moisturizing is the next step before starting your makeup routine. Having the right moisture balance on your skin allows for healthier skin, as well as ensuring your skin is prepared for the foundation. Here is a look at our moisturizing products.


Best DNA Repair Creme: There is no other moisturizer on the market that can compete with the intelligence, innovation, and purity of this luxurious formula. Engineered with crushed pearl, hyaluronic acid, and Telomerase, this cream works to repair the skin’s DNA, provide copious moisture, and support enhanced collagen production.


Luminosity Ultimate Line Relaxing Creme: For filling in lines, relaxing fine lines, infusing your skin with hydration, and creating a stunning radiant glow, this creme is an excellent product to keep your skin looking amazing.


Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer: Intense moisture, rich emollients, and fast firming action are what this innovative moisturizer offers. As the name says, it works to make the skin clear and look younger. It contains a high concentration of DMAE, which firms the skin, and a mild concentration of retinol for cellular turnover.


Foundation: Your Makeup Base

Now that we’ve covered the skincare basics, it’s time to talk about your makeup application. Your skin should be clean, dry, treated, and happily moisturized at this point. This sets up the ideal surface, giving you the right basis to apply makeup. Your foundation will go on better, last longer, and create a more perfect, blended look. Once your foundation is done, you’re free to play with any looks you dare! Your skin will be more than ready for you.

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