Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics Offers the Latest Scientific Research in Natural Skincare

Jennifer Bradley

Using Nobel-Prize-winning technology, this disruptive skincare brand is changing the way beauty is done.

Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics introduces ground-breaking advancements in professional skincare, built upon over 30 years of scientific research. Bridging the gap between natural ingredients and scientifically formulated anti-aging technology, this revolutionary brand offers individualized, medical-grade products. 

A highly sought-after skincare line designed to target the most common skin challenges while delivering radiant, younger-looking and stress-free skin. Jennifer Bradley uses a combination of the latest technology and the purest ingredients to transform skin and deliver lasting results. With Nobel-prize-winning technology, users have reported up to 60% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the entire line has been medically formulated using only FDA-approved, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, medical-grade ingredients to ensure purity and the highest level of performance. The defining factors behind this line are the dedication to research and using technology to overcome many of the most common skincare issues. 

Jennifer Bradley, a renowned celebrity makeup artist, created her brand to empower those with specific skincare issues such as aging and acne. After experiencing countless breakouts and scarring from conventional, commercially available cosmetics and skincare lines, she developed her own products to solve these commonly experienced issues. As stated by Bradley: “Like everyone else, I want to have smooth, flawless skin that looks effortless. My focus has always been on having great skin and wearing LESS MAKEUP. I say this constantly: Your skin should be the star of the show.”

While there is an immense dedication to the science behind the brand, the success of the line can be greatly attributed to the innovative approach Jennifer Bradley has towards its development. “Sometimes it really blows my mind that I have been able to literally convince some of the most esteemed researchers in skincare and cosmetics to listen to me and to develop formulas that are 100% my creation/my design,” says Bradley. All Jennifer Bradley products are non-comedogenic (meaning they do not cause breakouts). Among the innovative ingredients found in the Jennifer Bradley line are crushed pearls, rubies, roses, coconut, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. Furthermore, nearly the entire catalog of products features natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients, to ensure sensitive, acne, and inflammation-prone skin are tended to with soothing, gentle care.

Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics products include an anti-aging skincare line and an acne-healing skincare line, as well as mindfully crafted cosmetics, makeup tools and brushes, hair care designed for hair growth, and a luxurious line of jewelry. Skincare and cosmetics can be purchased in bundles, and a complimentary skincare consultation is provided to guide users towards the products that will help target individual challenges. All Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics products can be found online at


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