Jennifer Bradley Shares 5 Summer Beauty Trends that are Hot right now

Jennifer Bradley Shares 5 Summer Beauty Trends that are Hot right now
Jennifer Bradley created a line of cruelty-free skincare and cosmetics that has gained a cult following. From her Best DNA Repair Cream with Telomerase and Crushed Pearl to her 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation and Mineral Moisture Lipsticks, every item in Jennifer Bradley’s collection is as natural and ethically sourced as is possible.
“People ask me all the time what my secret is,” she says. “The truth is I’m using very powerful concentrated ingredients in my products.”
 Jennifer Bradley Shares 5 Summer Beauty Trends that are Hot right now
Jennifer Bradley created a beauty brand that treats every client like a VIP. Each product she makes is carefully crafted with premium ingredients and the utmost care. A former television actress, model, and singer, Jennifer Bradley is no stranger to red carpet appearances.
The Fort Lauderdale-based beauty expert knows what it takes for her clients to look and feel their best. She has worked with a bevy of celebrities including Michelle Obama, Pamela Anderson, and Sharon Osbourne, and her line, Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics, has been a frequent media fixture landing coverage in People magazine, Us Weekly, and backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
Jennifer Bradley says her own cosmetics line became a reality after she was dealing with breakouts and sensitivities to using existing products on the market. Despite having access to some of the most expensive makeup and skincare products in the world through her mother who worked for top cosmetics lines, Jennifer Bradley says nothing was working.
“I decided to make my own products,” she says. “And I began investigating ingredients.”
Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics is also made in the USA and there is always a way to chat with an expert from the brand. Jennifer Bradley herself has also been known to answer customer questions and frequently offers makeup and skincare tutorials on her Instagram page.
While Jennifer Bradley admits she’s addicted to skincare and cosmetics, she also acknowledges she’s not a huge fan of shopping. That’s another reason she created
“I needed something truly transformational for my own skin since it’s super sensitive,” she says. “I shopped everywhere and spent a fortune until I finally created solutions for my skin. My products have helped thousands of happy clients who have had problematic skin, acne-prone skin, and mature skin. We have everything you need from start to finish.”
Her website also offers a skincare quiz anyone can take to receive personalized product recommendations from cleansers and serums to moisturizers.
The jet-setting makeup artist has traveled the world and is continually on the prowl for the next great moment in beauty. “I’m all about helping women get that glowing, gorgeous confident look,” she says. “We also offer simple solutions to help with rosacea, psoriasis, acne, or just finding the perfect lipstick.”
Here are 5 beauty trends Jennifer Bradley says are totally in this summer.
Graphic Eyeliner is having a moment right now.
“Right now, a really hot trend for summer is graphic eyeliner,” she says. “A lot of young people are sporting this trend. I created a video the other day showing how you could use a black pencil and how you can use the space on your lid to create the illusion of more space on your eyelid. When you’re using black eyeliner, this is possible. You can make it look like there’s a lot more real estate there.”
Jennifer Bradley also says it’s a common misconception that if you apply heavy eyeliner to the top lid, it’s just going to take away the ability to create a full eye look, especially if you one has hooded eyes. “By taking a black pencil and making a heavy line on the base of the lashes, you can achieve a fuller eye look,” she says. “The thicker the line you make on the top of the lashes when your eyes are open, you can actually see a lot more eye area. It’s an illusion there’s much more eye.”
It's a trick the experienced makeup artist says she learned from top Korean and Asian beauty tips online. “Create a thin line on the bottom,” she adds. “Every beauty standard of every country is different in some ways. I like to look toward the East for some of the most inspiring looks because it’s so different.”
The Best Smudgy Eyeliner Pencil in her line costs $14 and offers a non-irritating liner for the eyes. Jennifer Bradley also says it’s ideal to create a smoky eye effect. It’s available in chocolate brown, bronze, and blue-black. “My eyeliner is specially designed to be used on the water line so it’s a must-have in everyone’s summer beauty kit,” she adds.
To beat the summer heat, Jennifer Bradley also recommends the Best & Finest Waterproof Eyeliner ($15) in black, brown, or plum hues.
Jennifer Bradley suggests using bronzer as a contour.
When it comes to highlighting and contouring, Jennifer Bradley says less is best. She also admits we’ve all seen that contour gone wrong look where the stripes are obvious. “When people contour and highlight, they can use too much product creating a striped effect,” she explains. “You don’t have to use a contouring stick. You can have so much less makeup on your face. I like to do it using one-third of the makeup many others are using.  You use a tiny bit of bronzer to contour.” She recommends her Best Bronzer ($28). “Take your bronzer brush, pat the color, tap it out and start on your cheeks in a circular motion. You’re creating a deep effect of contouring in cheekbones. You can apply the same bronzer along the neckline and jawbone to create a slimming effect on the jaw,” she says. “Make sure you blend it out.”
Gloss is boss when it comes to lips for summer 2022.
According to Jennifer Bradley, shiny lips also pair perfectly with a summer makeup look. Get that lip-gloss poppin’ this summer with Jennifer Bradley’s Never Sticky Moisture Gloss which ranges from a soft pink Lilly Shimmer to a bold Strawberry Fields shade. At $14 each, it’s a summer beauty bargain that can upgrade your look in a flash and it’s packed with moisturizing Aloe Vera and a fresh hint of mint.
Heavy Metal is in especially when it comes to metallic eyes.
The Ethereal Angel look is another hot look for summer. Who doesn’t want to look like a little slice of heaven? “Prime skin generously, line lips with Rosewood pencil ($12), and apply Rosé All Day blush ($17),” the celebrity makeup artist says. “Use Bronze Age Pure Mineral Pigments ($17) on the inside corner of the eye and on lids. My 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation ($53) cleans up any pigment fall out.”
Get glowing with: The Best Summer Essentials Kit Palette
Jennifer Bradley’s convenient palettes come in multiple shades for summer and feature ultra-strong magnets to keep products secure and in place. Snag the Best Mineral Foundation, Best Blush, Best Bronzer, Best Highlighter, Best Custom Compact, Foundation Brush, Mini Brush Set in Gothic Gold Bag for $98 while supplies last. The innovative cosmetics creator says she created the palettes to take the guesswork out of putting together a quick and flawless summer beauty routine. “My palettes are a must-have,” Jennifer Bradley says. “And I love drawing inspiration from my travels and even the reefs I’ve seen while diving. I’m an avid diver.”

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