Jennifer Bradley’s Jewelry

Jennifer Bradley’s Jewelry


While our main focus, here at Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics is about helping you achieve radiant, glowing, amazing skin, we are all about wanting you to look your best at all times.


With that said, we are proud to introduce our exceptional line of gems and jewelry, which like our skincare and cosmetics, has been crafted to enhance your natural beauty and help you adorn yourself like the queen you are. Read on to learn more about this exclusive collection you just need to get your hands on!


About Jennifer Bradley Jewels

Our collection of jewelry was designed to offer a different approach to fine jewelry. These stunning precious and semi-precious jewels are each one of a kind, expertly chosen for their beauty and uniqueness. Our line of jewelry is imagined with utter simplicity, to allow the gems to shine on their own. Classic, bold, and versatile, these pieces can accentuate your day-to-day looks, as well as complement your most extravagant evening wear. Dressed up or down, our jewelry pieces will certainly add some flair and drama to every outfit.


Sold as both finished jewelry pieces and as perfected gems, you can have crafted into earrings, pendants, rings, or bracelets, we intend to offer the finest, most extraordinary jewels you cannot find anywhere else. Our selection is hand-picked, with each gem carefully selected. 


Our Love of Natural Gems

Our big focus is on really gorgeous gems that are nature-inspired. While many jewelers aim to carry only the most “perfect” gems that meet a set of requirements, we are fascinated with the natural beauty of stones that have variations, gradient colors, and individual characteristics. As an example, we have been pretty obsessed with the stone ametrine lately. This gem is a breathtaking balance of both amethyst and citrine, offering the soothing properties of both in a single crystal. With its luminous violet and yellow coloring, ametrine is dramatic yet incredibly vibrant. When our most recent ametrines hit the site, numerous pieces were purchased instantly!


Another alluring option in our collection is the selection of natural opals, which are both Australian and Ethiopian. Today, it is very hard to come across true opals, as the majority of opals on the market are manufactured and lab-created. They do not share the same natural inflections, variations in color, nor the same luminous brilliance. Our opals have been discerningly chosen, and they offer an incredible iridescence, a range of colors, and unique attributes only nature can conjure.


Other interesting options available in our collection include lemon quartz, topaz, rubellite, lemon quartz, tourmaline, spessartine, amethyst, and yellow sapphires, all in a variety of exquisite cuts and settings. 


The Unforgettable Gift of Gems

Whether you are purchasing for yourself or looking to find the perfect gift for a special someone, Jennifer Bradley's gems and jewelry are like nothing else you will find on the market. When giving a gift, there is nothing so special as giving jewels that have not been mass-produced, ensuring the recipient knows the jewels are 100% one of a kind, just like themselves. Even if you are searching for that once-in-a-lifetime piece, such as for an engagement ring or a special anniversary, we have a curated selection you won’t find anywhere else! 


And for those who have their eye on a certain piece and want to send a hint, we offer an option on each product page where you can do just that. In case your special someone needs a little extra help. Wink wink!


Check out our stunning collection of gems and jewelry at today!

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