Jennifer Bradley Reveals Skincare Secrets And How To Optimize The Skin You're In

Jennifer Bradley Reveals Skincare Secrets And How To Optimize The Skin You're In


Jennifer Bradley Reveals Skincare Secrets And How To Optimize The Skin You're In
Celebrity makeup artist Jennifer Bradley understands that applying a beautiful face of making begins with great skin. Like all artists, she wants to start with a fresh, healthy canvas and that means using Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics Skincare.

“Everyone wants healthy, younger, smoother-looking skin but we don’t want to spend a fortune,” the beauty expert says. “That is why I had to create something totally different.”

The cosmetics creator who has done makeup for First Lady Michelle Obama and “Baywatch” babe Pamela Anderson says she is often asked what her secret is. She says her biggest beauty weapon is her own powerful skincare line which uses highly concentrated ingredients. “It’s not much of a secret anymore,” she says. “It’s Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics.”

Bradley says the skincare line has become a favorite of other makeup artists and skincare experts and has been used by clients with melasma, lupus, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin care challenges.

“Whether you have dry skin or oily skin or even combination skin, you must prime and moisturize your skin before applying makeup,” she says. “Foundation is not meant to absorb into your skin. You want to prime and get your skin hydrated and silky smooth before you apply your foundation.”

Jennifer Bradley recommends cleansing the face and applying Time Freeze Max. “This is always the first thing I do after washing my face,” she says. “It’s essential to wash your face every morning and night. It’s the alpha and the omega to your day. My 3 In One Cleanser takes off your eye makeup, face makeup and acts as a toner. You will see a big difference in your skin immediately after using this cleanser.”

The makeup and skincare brand creator also recommends using The Pore Refiner Kit for oily skin.

“Massage the Time Freeze Max into your face,” she explains. “Time Freeze Max helps to get rid of frown lines and crow’s feet.”

Jennifer Bradley is also quick to point out that nothing is going to take away all fine lines and wrinkles and that having realistic expectations are also part of a daily beauty routine.

“Time Freeze Max does have instant and long-lasting results thanks to Hyaluronic Acid,” Jennifer Bradley says. “We’re restoring skin topically so you can have injection-type results with your skin.”

She then recommends moisturizing as the next step. “My Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer is great,” Jennifer Bradley says. “Again, you’re going to want to massage the product into your skin. It really gets the product into your skin and makes the skin appear smoother. And there’s no fragrance in this product, yet it smells incredible thanks to natural plant essences in it that are excellent for your skin.”

When visiting, shoppers can consult with experts on the site regarding what Jennifer Bradley skin care products are best for their skin type.

Jennifer Bradley also suggests applying moisturizer all over the face and down the neck. “My products are all made for people with hypersensitive skin,” she adds.

Taking a lot of inspiration from the East, Jennifer Bradley says she also understands the importance of layering serums and creams on skin. “As Shrek says, skin is like an onion,” she explains. “You want to use the thinnest product first so that absorbs into your skin cells. The Hyaluronic Acid in my Time Freeze Max plumps skin cells with hydration and acts as a superconductor so when you put your cream on top, it pulls all of the active ingredients into your skin cells. As we age, our DNA starts to unravel like a shoelace. When it starts to unravel at the end-caps, it can’t send signals to tell your skin what to do. If you have my Best DNA Repair Cream, it really is a game-changer for skin. You will see incredible results. It has Telomerase and Crushed Pearls in it. Telomerase promotes healthier DNA in your cells and holds hydration in your skin. We were’t supposed to live this long and we have learned we have to do repairs on our DNA.”

The Best DNA Repair cream costs $128 for a 1.6 ounce size but it’s a bargain since most Telomerase creams cost anywhere from $500 to $1,200 an ounce.

Jennifer Bradley: Nourish The Skin You’re In

She also says so much of it also has to do with mental health. “Knowing you having a product with Telomerase in it, it basically binds the end cap so your cells will continue to behave,” she explains. “It’s very cool and I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my own skin since using this cream.”

With the Best DNA Repair Cream, the beauty entrepreneur says she had 1,000 units of the cream sell out in three days. “People still buy it like crazy,” she adds. “You don’t have to have a $400 cream.”

The next step to great skin, according to Jennifer Bradley, is having the right foundation.

“You need to get a foundation match and you can do that on I have an amazing team who is ready to match you with the exact shade of foundation to match your skin. We are here to help you,” she says.

For those clients who are looking to turn back time, Jennifer Bradley says it’s about technique.

“If you have wrinkles, no makeup is ever going to cover your wrinkles,” she says. “You have to fill in the lines. And you can do that by applying Time Freeze Max to anywhere you see lines and wrinkles the most. It’s Nobel Prize winning technology and you will see how smooth and hydrated your skin looks.”

Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics Offers Next Level Customer Service

The beauty guru says she wants every person who visits her website to feel like a VIP and she offers complimentary skin care consultations along with foundation matching. “My team is so amazing,” Jennifer Bradley says. “My foundation is so different than the foundations people are typically used to using and here’s why. My foundation is also concealer and has a dewy powder finish and it is a natural barrier block so there is no need for sunscreen. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients also.”

Jennifer Bradley also says a major faux pas that so many commit is attempting to match foundation to one’s hand or arm. “Matching foundation to your arm or wrist is a completely different color from your face,” she says. “You want to match it where your face and neck meet. “When it completely disappears, that’s how you know it matches,” Jennifer Bradley says. “We have a concierge service of real people matching our clients with foundation online.”

What’s Next For Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics?

Jennifer Bradley just launched a new app. The improved beauty app available is in Apple and Android app stores. Click on the corresponding image below to download the Jennifer Bradley Store App!

There is also a new product launching that will combine Luminosity Cream With Cooling Moisture serum. “We’re going to a much more organic root with all of my products except for Time Freeze Max and Best DNA Repair Cream which will stay the same,” Jennifer Bradley says. “We’re launching a Luminous Calming Balm. It will have 75 percent organic ingredients. It will come in a 1.6 ounce size. I’m doing so much to offer you all better quality and more value. People are messaging me all over the U.S. about how much they love what I did with the Best Lip Treatment Plus. These products are going to blow you away. Hold on just a little bit longer. The brand new Jennifer Bradley products are coming and they will be like nothing else on the market. I am so excited to share what’s coming with all of you!”

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