JB Rewards: Look Amazing & Get Rewarded!

JB Rewards: Look Amazing & Get Rewarded!


What could be better than getting rewarded to use the most phenomenal products on your skin? Not much, we reckon! Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics would like to invite you to join our Rewards program, which gives you the ability to earn points towards free products.


Want 5% Back on JB Purchase? We Got You!

Here at Jennifer Bradley, we are beyond grateful for our customers. Our Rewards Program is our way of saying thank you and rewarding you for your loyalty. It’s quite the win-win for you: you get the best products available for skincare, maintenance, and cosmetics, and then get to score free products for being part of the fam!


Here’s how it works:

• Create an account.

• Earn points for 5% back on every dollar spent with Jennifer Bradley.

• Level up and gain exclusive perks.

• Redeem your points and score freebies! 


For every dollar you spend with Jennifer Bradley, you earn 5 points. However, there is a range of ways to earn bonuses, which get you even more points (which equates to more free stuff!). Here are some of the amazing ways you can earn points, in addition to making purchases. Remember, we aren’t rewarding you just for spending with us; we are rewarding you for being part of the family! 


All the Ways to Save

• Just by signing up for the rewards program, you earn 25 VIP points.

• Your first purchase will earn you 25 points.

• By following JB on Facebook, you earn 20 additional points.

• If you review your first purchase, you will score 25 points.

• Earn rewards points for up to five product reviews every month.

• And, by following Jennifer Bradley on Instagram, you will earn yet another 20 points!

• On your birthday, you will be gifted 100 points.

• VIP treatment: gain access to VIP exclusive sales, events, and more.

• Points are available for use for one year, after which they will expire.


Points can be redeemed towards regular-priced products at any time, and they can also be saved up and used on your entire order, if you choose. Any way you slice it, the savings are yours!


Refer Your Friends and You Both Get Rewards

If you love JB products, tell your friends! This will earn you both rewards! When you log into your account, open the JB Rewards app badge located at the left corner. There, you will see the “Refer your friends” link, which you can copy and send to your friends. When they use this link to make their first purchase over $65, they will receive $15 off. Additionally, as a thank you for referring them upon their purchase, you will earn 125 points! You can refer up to 10 friends, to earn a maximum of 1250 points in this way.


JB Rewards: It’s All About YOU

Here at Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics, it’s not just about the products. We create life-changing, beauty-enhancing products to help you look and feel your best, because we want you to put your best foot forward, every day. We are a community of beauty enthusiasts and we are thrilled you are here. Our Rewards program exists to thank you for being a part of our family and give you more reasons to look your best.


Join today and start earning! 

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