JB Giveaways!

JB Giveaways!


Who loves a giveaway? We sure do!

Especially when we get to give away amazing products and the most gorgeous jewels we have ever laid eyes on! Interested in getting crowned with our stunning, exclusive, one-of-a-kind, precious gemstones? Read on because we are telling you all about them and giving all the details on how to get in on the freebies!


Gems, Gems, Gems!

As much as we love perfect, glowing skin, gorgeous makeup, and luxurious skincare, we also adore jewels! Perhaps you have noticed that in addition to our collections of beauty and skincare, we also carry a stunning collection of jewelry and gems on our website. If you haven’t, well you need to mosey on over and check out this array of bling ASAP! Our gems are unlike anything you will find out there and we’re once you lay your eyes on them, you will be yearning to get these pieces into your hands. And, most importantly, we are giving them away every week!


How to Win Jennifer Bradley Jewels

Here’s the catch: not just anyone gets to win during our weekly gemstone giveaways. You have to be a Jennifer Bradley customer, and you need to have spent $100 on Jennifer Bradley products. Once you have, you are automatically entered into the running for your chance to score these beauties. Additionally, if you’re looking to win big, you need to join us at Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics on Facebook. Many of our giveaways are announced only there, and the details will not be announced anywhere else. Another great benefit of joining us on Facebook is that we often offer exclusive deals and freebies just for being there, so don’t skimp on the goods, the deals, and the steals!


Winner, Winner Gemstone Dinner

To find out if you’re a winner, you’ve got to tune into our live videos on Facebook, where we announce winners and share all kinds of exciting news going on here at Jennifer Bradley. Lately, we’ve been giving away the most gorgeous Ethiopian black opals.


These jewels are truly magnificent, ethically sourced, and each one values over $400. Though there are many lab-created opals on the market, ours are 100% true natural opals. If you’ve never seen a black opal, you are in for a treat! Unlike any other gemstone, there are rainbows of reflective colors in these stones. They sparkle beautifully and no matter how many times you gaze upon them, you will see different colors and refractions. We have also done giveaways of stunning ametrines, amethysts, white opals, and more! If gems are your thing, we are the hookup, so be sure to join in on the fun!


Other Exciting Giveaways

Jewels are not the only goodies we give away, by the way. Because we are all about keeping things fresh and exciting, you’ve got to tune in regularly on Facebook to see what we’ve got to give away. Sometimes, we offer beautifully curated collections that include our shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes it’s collections of skincare products. Other times, we offer makeup and our palettes.


Additionally, we host “Share the Video” contests, where you get the chance to win great products and jewels just by sharing our videos. So if you’ve found our content informative, interesting, or fun - you can score big just by sharing.


We love our customers, and we hope it’s pretty clear how excited we are for you to be part of our family. Rewarding our customers with fun giveaways is just one of the many exciting perks of our business; we hope you join in! Gems, makeup, and the finest skincare around; what more could you want?

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Hi Jennifer!! You know how much I looooove all of your products !! 💗👄🦋

Marjorie Myles

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