Is Gluten-Free Makeup Necessary?

Is Gluten-Free Makeup Necessary?

The hype surrounding going gluten-free is everywhere. Gluten-free products include everything from food to everyday items, even makeup. It’s true food-based beauty trends are nothing new; coconut oil and avocado are used all the time in creams, lotions and other products designed to keep skin supple and smooth. But is gluten-free a real concern when it comes to cosmetics? Are gluten-free products really necessary? The short answer is, it depends. As a business owner that has highly allergic to wheat gluten, I took it upon myself to make my entire line gluten free. When it comes to any products that I create with my name on it, I always test things on myself first and foremost. If my highly sensitive, gluten allergic skin can tolerate, or even better, LOVE IT, you can be sure it will get my stamp of approval. 

Gluten Factors to Consider

If you have a gluten intolerance or have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, then you should stay away from all products containing gluten, including cosmetics. If neither applies, odds are that using cosmetic products containing gluten should be fine. If you’re uncertain about what you should use, be sure to consult your physician before applying any topical products to your skin.

Is Gluten a Risk When Used in Cosmetics?

For most people who suffer from gluten issues, using a topical product like makeup shouldn’t pose a problem, but if you’re concerned, using gluten-free makeup certainly won’t hurt you. One area of cosmetics where its presence might pose an issue is in lip products. In these cases, if gluten is ingested, there’s a risk a rash or hives could occur. You can avoid this by using gluten-free lipstick and lip balms. At Jennifer Bradley, you do not ever have to worry about this issue, as all of our products are gluten free :)

Why Using Gluten-Free Cosmetics Typically Isn’t a Deal-Breaker

When considering other items besides the gluten-free lipstick and lip balm you will carry around in your makeup bag, it really shouldn’t matter whether you go gluten-free or not. Even if you are allergic to wheat, odds are you’re still safe because the gluten molecule is a very large one, and is, therefore unable to penetrate the barrier layer of your skin.

There are also no health or beauty perks for using products that are gluten-free, though if you have sensitive skin, using them can actually hurt more than it helps. For example, sometimes the omitted ingredients are replaced by other ingredients you may be sensitive to, which can lead to a host of other problems. These are things I have definitely taken into consideration when developing my line. When formulating products, I had to make sure that our ingredients would be able to cater to the most sensitive skin types, whether it is gluten allergy, or sensitivities to fragrances, (all of our products are fragrance free) my products are tried, tested and formulated specifically for highly sensitive skin types. 

The Gluten-Free Cosmetic Verdict?

If you’re allergic to gluten, you may feel it's safer to stay away from cosmetics that contain it all together. There are plenty of gluten-free makeup options available, so you will have no problem finding the products you need, especially here at where I have made all of my products 100% gluten free, so that you have nothing to worry about!


Types of Gluten-Free Makeup

Looking for gluten-free blush or eyeshadow? What about gluten-free mascara or lipstick? Jennifer Bradley has all the products you need at the right prices. Though gluten-free makeup may not really be necessary, there are a lot of options available that can help put your mind at ease. If you have questions about whether you should consider using these products, consult your physician to be absolutely certain.

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Whether you’re looking for a specific product or just want additional details about our makeup in general, we’re always happy to help.

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