How to Make Your Makeup Last For 10 Hours or More

How to Make Your Makeup Last For 10 Hours or More

Like the thought of 10-hour makeup? Want to know how to make your makeup stay on all day? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Ever had your makeup smudge a few short hours into the workday? We all know how frustrating it can be to work all day and plan to go out with the girls afterwards only to find you have no makeup left before your afternoon meeting even begins. The good news is, this is one problem that doesn't need to plague you. Here are five tips to help you learn how to make your makeup stay on all day.

1. Start with a Regular Skincare Regimen

Start by prepping your skin with a regular skincare regimen. This is essential to the longevity of your makeup. Remember to cleanse and moisturise daily. Skipping these steps may leave your skin rough and uneven, which will result in flakey or smudged makeup.

2. Prime Your Skin With MOISTURIZER

Just like you would prime a canvas for painting, you must also prime your face for makeup. In fact, think of your face as the canvas upon which you will paint your look.

Primers create a barrier that keeps your skin nice and smooth for prolonged makeup wear. We always recommend priming skin first with a serum like the Time Freeze Max, then apply a Moisturizer like the Best DNA Repair Cream or the Clearly Younger Moisturizer if you have more of a combination/oily skin type. If your skin is very, very dry, I recommend layering the Time Freeze, follwed by Best DNA Repair Cream and then a thin layer of Cooling Moisture Serum before applying makeup. 

3. Select an Oil-Free Foundation

Oil-based foundations are more likely than oil-free options to cause makeup to slip during the day. I always go for an oil-free foundation, but I always recommend for everyone to layer skincare on first before applying any foundation. For clients with more normal to combination skin, I generally recommend using my 3 in One Fresh Cleanser

Choose an oil-free foundation that is long-wearing and will smooth your complexion all day. There are plenty of oil-free products to choose from, so try different ones to see which one works best.

4. Layer Foundation with Powder

Our 4 in One Camera Ready Makeup has a long lasting quality, but it is a touch shiny if you have oily skin. The key to really making things last is to find a lightweight translucent powder that sets the makeup with an invisible, universal finish.

For best setting powder for dry skin, I recommend the Totally Baked Powder, and the best setting powder for oily skin is always the Flawless Photofinish Powder

5. Go Light on Makeup and Reapply Throughout the Day

Another tip on how to make makeup last all day is to apply it in light layers so it won’t be too heavy as you continuously touch it up. Remember, less is always more.

Blend your makeup with a slightly dampened sponge to apply light layers that will create a smooth, untextured complexion. This will give you a natural look and allow you to keep your makeup fresh all day and into the evening.

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