How to Get Clear Skin Naturally

How to Get Clear Skin Naturally

Clogged pores, greasy skin, persistent hyper-pigmentation and a blotchy complexion – acne can be a really challenging skin condition and so it’s tempting to go to extreme measures to rid your face of those frustrating spots. 

Yet acne products that contain skin aggressors such as harsh chemicals, dyes or alcohol can actually have the reverse effect – inflaming skin further, causing dryness and flaking, and sending oil production into overdrive. 

The result? Yet another breakout. Research has shown that anti-acne skincare doesn’t have to be packed full of chemicals to be effective. Follow these five tips to get clear skin naturally.

  1. Don’t over-wash. It’s tempting to over-cleanse when you have oily, acne-prone skin, but too rigorous an approach can really backfire. Over-cleansing leads to irritated and dehydrated skin, and your body will naturally compensate by producing even more oil, which can in turn lead to clogged pores and further breakouts.

    Instead of reaching for a heavy-duty cleanser full of harsh chemicals and dehydrating alcohol, look for a gentle, non-irritating formula that won’t strip your skin of its natural barrier. Our 3 in One Fresh Cleanser is tough enough to effectively remove all traces of grease, dirt and makeup from your skin, without drying it out. This incredibly gentle formula is free of fragrance, parabens, alcohol and other aggressors. In fact, it contains just nine simple but effective ingredients. Use twice a day for skin that feels fresh and thoroughly cleansed, without any of that uncomfortable tightness that comes with a chemical clean.

  2. Exfoliate twice a week. Exfoliating will remove the layers of dead skin cells and dirt that stay on your skin for too long and can clog pores. A build-up of dead skin cells on your face will dull your complexion too, making it look flaky or even prematurely aged. Physical scrubs can be effective exfoliators, but these can be too abrasive for sensitive, redness-prone skin. Often, they can make inflammatory and cystic acne worse.

    Instead, look for natural lactic and fruit acids that gently dissolve debris and keep your pores squeaky clean. Our Resurface Gel is a fragrance-free formula that includes 7.5% fruit acid as well as lactic acid (from lactose), glycolic acid (from sugar cane), Kojic Acid and natural alpha hydroxy acids. As well as providing natural exfoliation, this potent gel will help to diminish any acne scars left over from previous breakouts.

  3. Use an oil-free moisturizer. If you have oily skin you may be tempted to skip the moisturizer altogether, but this can cause your skin to dry out and react by producing more oil. Hydration is particularly important if you’re using strong anti-acne products that dry your skin out.
    Make sure you choose a lightweight, non-comedogenic formula that’s free of mineral oil and won’t clog pores. Our Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer is packed full of natural skin-loving ingredients such as DMAE, grape seed oil, avocado oil and soybean oil, that help to deeply hydrate the skin as well as reduce signs of aging. This natural moisturizer also contains retinol to increase cell turnover for blemish-free, youthful skin.

  4. Apply sunscreen, no matter what the weather. Sunscreen is a necessary step in any proper skincare routine, no matter what your skin type. If you have irritated, acne-prone skin, it’s extra important to protect your face from further damage, heat and inflammation by shielding it from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. This is particularly important if you’re using retinols and AHAs that are likely to make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Remember to look for oil-free formulas and opt for sunscreens that use minerals such as titanium dioxide to provide natural sun protection without irritating the skin.

Choose the right makeup. While going bare skinned undoubtedly has its benefits for acne sufferers, wearing makeup can boost self-confidence and is non-negotiable for many of us. And if you choose wisely, makeup doesn’t have to contribute to acne breakouts either. Look for products that are labelled ‘oil-free’ and ‘non-comedogenic’, such as our Four in One Camera Ready Foundation.

This buildable, long-lasting foundation is completely free of fragrance and mineral oil, and also contains titanium dioxide for natural skin care protection against the sun. Remember to remove your makeup thoroughly before going to bed with our 3 in One Fresh Cleanser and wash your makeup brushes and sponges weekly.

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