How effective are DNA repair enzymes?

How effective are DNA repair enzymes?

DNA damage occurs naturally as we age, but exposure to sunlight and pollution plays a big part too. When harmful UV rays penetrate the skin, they can attack you right down to your DNA, putting you at risk of skin cancer and causing your skin to age prematurely. Thankfully, every one of your skin cells contains a number of important enzymes that can fix broken DNA. These are called DNA repair enzymes, and they’re the most exciting skincare ingredient to date. These clever enzymes occur naturally in the skin, but they’re now making their way into our beauty products too. But how effective are these DNA repair enzymes, and can a simple cream really repair your DNA?

What are DNA repair enzymes?

Think of these enzymes as your body’s natural DNA repair kit, ready to fix any damage done by the sun and other environmental factors. Unfortunately, the number of DNA repair enzymes we have decreases as we get older. That’s why wrinkles and other signs of DNA damage tend to appear more frequently and more severely as the years pass. The good news is that, now, skincare scientists are getting smarter about what goes on in the DNA of our skin cells. Brands are beginning to harness the natural capabilities of DNA repair enzymes, producing innovative creams that claim to be able to repair your skin at a cellular level.

Do DNA repair enzymes work?

The short answer is yes. DNA repair enzymes have a proven ability to repair and protect. They work by detecting damaged bits of DNA and cutting them out so that they are naturally replaced with healthy, regenerated DNA. This repair process produces some impressive skincare results. Those pesky physical signs of DNA damage – such as sagging skin, sun spots, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles – are reduced.

How effective are DNA repair enzymes?

It’s important to note, however, that DNA repair enzymes can’t fix everything. Our cells have two types of DNA: one is found in the cell’s nucleus, and this is the one that a DNA enzyme can repair. The other type of DNA is found in the cell’s mitochondria, and this cannot be repaired. Nevertheless, DNA repair enzymes are still the most effective way of repairing our skin from the inside out, and are now a crucial ingredient in any anti-ageing formula.

DNA repair enzymes and skin cancer treatment

While DNA repair enzymes are exciting skincare professionals for their ability to produce smoother, plumper and younger-looking skin, they’re also at the forefront of skin cancer research. These important enzymes have critical preventative qualities. Indeed, exciting research has shown that they may be able to prevent the growth of precancers, as well as slow the growth of cancers in patients with xeroderma pigmentosum.

What are DNA repair creams?

DNA repair creams are set to be the superstars of your anti-ageing routine. A DNA repair cream will include an effective DNA repair enzyme that helps to heal damage deep down at a cellular level. Our Best DNA Repair Cream contains a special enzyme called telomerase, that helps to keep the telomeres of our DNA healthy.

What are telomeres and why do we need them?

Telomeres are the tiny caps on the ends of our DNA strands, and they are needed for a number of important functions, including normal skin cell function, collagen production and tissue regeneration. When our telomeres become too short, our skin cells become aged and unhealthy. Skin begins to lose its suppleness and other signs of DNA damage – such as wrinkles and age spots – begin to surface. In short, healthy telomeres are essential for maintaining smooth, young-looking skin.

Telomerase: a DNA-repairing wonder ingredient

That’s where telomerase comes in. Telomerase is a DNA repair enzyme that helps to repair telomeres. This anti-aging enzyme targets the damaged telomerase and binds them back together again. The result is a healthy DNA strand that continues to generate healthy skin.

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