How do DNA Repair Creams Work?

How do DNA Repair Creams Work?

How do DNA Repair Creams Work?

The best DNA repair creams are intensely hydrating, but they also do a lot more for your skin than simply moisturize. As well as providing cosmetic benefits, DNA repair creams penetrate and target the aging process deep below the skin’s surface, providing benefits at a cellular level. DNA repair creams are the gold standard in anti-aging skincare.

DNA repair enzymes

A quality DNA repair cream will include an effective DNA repair enzyme in the ingredient list. This enzyme helps to heal damage deep down at a cellular level. These creams are sometimes called DNA enzyme repair creams, and they help to turn back your genetic clock.

The superstar ingredient in our Best DNA Repair Cream is a special enzyme called telomerase, which helps to protect the tiny caps on the ends of our DNA strands. These caps are called telomeres, and they protect our cells from damage and premature aging.

Healthy telomeres are needed for a number of important functions, including normal skin cell function and tissue regeneration. When our telomeres get too short, our skin cells can become aged and unhealthy or even begin to die. Skin begins to lose its plumpness and suppleness as collagen production decreases.

Telomerase: a superstar ingredient in DNA repair 

That’s where telomerase comes in. Telomerase is essentially an anti-aging enzyme, as it plays a major role in preventing cellular aging. By targeting the DNA strands within our skin tissue, it can actually lengthen our telomeres and bind them back together again. Essentially, telomerase enzymes are able to repair our DNA. The result is healthy cell regeneration and plumper, smoother and more youthful-looking skin. When we add telomeres to our skincare regime, we give our skin a fighting chance of combating premature aging at a DNA level.

Nature’s own antioxidant

In addition to telomeres, our Repair Cream also contains a bonus ingredient: crushed pearl. Pearls are packed full of cell-friendly nutrients and minerals. Their complexion-boosting benefits have been harnessed for centuries – their shiny shells have long been used in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and were even one of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets.

By adding crushed pearl to our DNA Repair Cream, we’ve given our anti-aging formula a double helping of DNA-boosting ingredients. That’s because pearls play a key role in restoring those all-important enzymes such as telomerase, which are so crucial to healthy cell regeneration and collagen formation.

These tiny shells are also nature’s own potent antioxidants. They boost two important antioxidants in the body: superoxide dismutase and glutathione. In addition, pearls contain a super healthy mix of amino acids, polysaccharides, trace minerals and vital proteins – all of which are essential for healthy collagen production. Crushed pearls are high in calcium too, which promotes skin regeneration and helps to regulate sebum and cell turnover.

Crushed pearls are also the perfect addition to intensely hydrating skincare formulas, as they’re rich in the minerals needed for skin to absorb and retain moisture. And last but not least, the natural light reflecting properties of crushed pearl will instantly brighten and even the complexion, delivering a gorgeous, luminous glow to your skin.

The Best DNA Repair Cream with Telamorese and Crushed Pearl

Our DNA Repair Cream with Telamorese and Crushed Pearl is the result of two years of laboratory testing and scientific research. The final product is a deeply hydrating cream with an easily absorbed, serum-like texture that has been optimized to deliver our potent DNA-repairing ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. The Best DNA Repair Cream also contains hydraulic acid to give your complexion an immediate boost of hydration while our DNA-repairing ingredients get to work. Pick yours up now.

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