Get Ready for Our Exclusive Distributor Membership Program!

Get Ready for Our Exclusive Distributor Membership Program!
We have some really great news to let you in on, fam! We have just recently started our Distributor Membership Program and it has gotten off to an astounding start. We are SO excited to share this news with you, giving you the deets you need to become a distributor with Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics.


About Our Distributor Membership Program

The membership program aims to enable a select number of members to have very insider access. It has been so popular, so quickly, that just since launching the program there is now a waiting list for prospective members. As a member, there will be access to distributor pricing, which will give you 50% off our skincare and makeup lines. Furthermore, because you will be a distributor, you can sell the products and earn additional income. While membership is contingent upon acceptance, once you are accepted, you will receive thorough education and training from the company to ensure you understand the benefits and possibilities with all Jennifer Bradley products. 

How to Join the Distributor Membership Program
Joining the membership program is very simple. First, you have to sign up for the program and wait for acceptance. There is a monthly $49.99 fee for all members, and you will be added to the waiting list after your first payment. In 3-4 days, a company representative will contact you to do an interview which will be the basis for your acceptance. If you are accepted at this point, you will be given a personal coupon code along with instructions for joining our training program. More information on the program can be found on our exclusive Facebook group: Jennifer Bradley Beauty Within

Membership Numbers Are Limited
It’s important to note, however, that membership will only be offered to a select number of eligible distributors. Because it is a dedicated commitment, we want to ensure all members understand the core values of the brand and represent them wholly. Per zip code, we only offer 8,000 distributor licenses to guarantee the area will not be oversaturated. Furthermore, you must live within a 20-mile radius of one of our approved locations. 

We have turned down numerous requests from major retailers to carry our brand because above all, quality has always been the determining factor of its success. Going corporate posed the risk of losing that dedicated focus of sourcing our high-quality, ultra-potent ingredients, and that would defeat our ultimate purpose. As a direct-to-consumer brand, our commitment to quality and our customers is unwavering. We want to always ensure this brand remains made in the USA, where the manufacturing standards are among the highest in the world. 

Our distributor program was a long time coming. Our customers and devoted fans have asked for years to use our products professionally, and many have inquired about selling the products themselves, due to the popularity and incredible results. Because we are immensely careful in how we market our products, we wanted to make sure we went about creating a membership program the right way. Above all, maintaining strict quality assurance is our goal, and we have never wanted to grow too big, too fast, where our quality and stringent adherence to the best ingredients would be compromised. With that said, we are now making our products available for distribution through our exclusive membership program. 

So, if you are interested in joining the Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics Distributor Membership Program, sign up today!

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